The following events took place in 1956:

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Hatchling crawling into New Mexico girl's mouth
  • August 5
    • In New Mexico, a local girl goes on a date with a friend from school.[1]
    • A number of woodsmen appear in the New Mexico desert, accosting several motorists. One of them murders two people at the KPJK studio and broadcasts a strange incantation, which induces unconsciousness in those who hear it.[1]
    • A strange creature hatches from an egg. It makes its way to the girl's bedroom, and crawls inside her mouth.[1]
    • Over a dozen people in the area experience severe medical distress related to the radio broadcast, including Sarah Novack. Sarah's parents find her unconscious and rush her to a nearby emergency room. but she awakens in the backseat on the way with no memory of what happened. Her doctors subsequently find nothing wrong with her.[2]

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JosieNew Albert Rosenfield

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