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The following events took place in 1967:


Unknown dates[]


  • December 25Dale Cooper receives a Norelco B2000 reel-to-reel tape-playing recorder for Christmas and records an introductory message about himself. Later, he experiments with the recorder's range using an extension cord, and brings it outside to report on Lewis Nordine flying his new model airplane.
  • December 26 – Cooper visits Simms' Hardware to buy batteries for the tape recorder, and reports on the Christmas gifts received by the neighbor children. Late at night, Cooper reports that he has tried to think of a life plan involving the tape recorder but has been unsuccessful.[3]
  • December 27 – Cooper makes a tape recording at 3:00 a.m. following an asthma attack he suffered. He mentions that his mother told him about a dream she had where she was alone in a field as birds flew above, blocking the light. He also notes that she said "we can see things in our dreams that we can't see when we're awake."[3]


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