The following events occurred in the 1980s:

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  • Early 1980s – Alan Traherne attends meetings of a survivors' group for UFO abductees in Los Angeles.[1]
  • Unknown dates[note 1]
    • c. 1982 – An incident occurs at the Blackburn home during Annie's holiday break, possibly involving her stepfather Roland attempting to rape her. Afterward, Roland leaves the house and dies after driving into the Yakima River. The next evening, Annie attempts suicide, and is confined to a psychiatric hospital in western Washington for the next six months.[2]
    • c. 19831984 – After her release, Annie completes her final year of school, graduating with honors.[2]
    • c. 1984 – After graduation, Annie impulsively decides to join her school's convent, against Norma's advice. Five years later,[3] around early 1989, she experiences second thoughts and leaves the convent.[2]

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  1. Adjusted back six years from The Final Dossier to match Annie's stated age and dialogue in Twin Peaks

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