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The following events took place in 1986:


Unknown dates[]

  • In a dream, Dale Cooper learns a deductive technique involving rock-throwing, based on Tibetan teachings, and becomes deeply invested in the plight of the Tibetan people.[1]
  • Phillip Jeffries travels to Buenos Aires to investigate an apparent international criminal enterprise. Within the first month, he identifies "Judy" as a central person of interest.[2]


  • January 10 – In her sleep, Laura Palmer writes a diary entry about trying to talk to her father at the breakfast table, but he does not listen and takes off his clothes, saying that he saw photos of her performing oral sex on women. When Laura wakes, she is baffled, having not realized that she was asleep when she wrote the entry and ponders if BOB was responsible.[3]


c. June[]





  • December 15Laura Palmer writes in her secret diary after a long break, reporting that she has taken a job as Johnny Horne's caregiver. She expresses guilt over scaring him once by doing an impression of BOB.[3]
  • December 16 – Laura writes that she finally convinced Bobby Briggs to start selling cocaine for Leo Johnson, and mentions that she has started seeing Leo's associate Jacques Renault.[3]
  • December 21 – Laura writes in her diary about posing for Flesh World at Jacques' cabin and her Christmas plans.[3]
  • December 23 – After midnight, Laura calls Bobby to tell him the nightmare she had about the night they stole cocaine from some dealers in Low Town. She works on her Christmas present for Donna Hayward and then calls Leo and Jacques. Jacques tells her he left a Christmas present in her bra the other night: cocaine, marijuana, and Valium.[3]
  • December 24 – Laura spends the morning with her parents, then visits the Double R Diner. She overhears Shelly Johnson confiding to Norma about Leo's distant behavior of late. Inspired by a conversation with Norma, Laura leaves her a note with an idea about a way to help the senior citizens around Twin Peaks. Later in the afternoon, she looks after Johnny at the Great Northern.[3]
  • December 25December 31Dale Cooper mails a taped letter to his father. In it, he assures him that it is impossible to contract Legionnaire's Disease from food, and conveys Gordon Cole's best wishes. Cole intends to reassign him soon to make better use of his talents.[8]
  • December 31 – Laura and Bobby spend the evening at a golf course with other teenagers and talk about their relationship, apologizing for their mistreatment of one another. Laura returns home by midnight to celebrate the new year with her mother and father.[3]



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