The following events took place in 1987:

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  • September 2Dale Cooper and Dennis Bryson are assigned by the DEA to act as buyers in a sting operation in Tijuana, Mexico.[2]
  • September 4 – Cooper and Bryson make contact with their mark, but he refuses to deal with both of them. Bryson attends the meeting alone and does not report back at the arranged time.[2]
  • September 9 – Through coercion, Cooper learns from two dealers that Bryson is being held at a ranch outside the city, and borrows their vehicle. Above the compound, he formulates a plan to break him out.[2]
  • September 10
    • Through an inventive use of Bryson's hand grenades, Cooper successfully rescues the other agent.[2]
    • The San Diego Mirror publishes a report on the gun battle, described as a prayer service run amok.[2]
  • September 26
  • September 27 – The Twin Peaks Post publishes an article by Cyril Pons on Packard's accidental death.
  • Investigators determine that the boat explosion was the result of a leak on the fuel line. Packard's will leaves the Packard Sawmill and his other businesses to his wife, Josie.

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