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The following events took place in 1988:

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  • Leland Palmer responds to an ad in Flesh World and meets Teresa Banks for sex at the Red Diamond City Motel. He covers her eyes and asks who he is, and Teresa responds "I don't know." They agree to meet again soon, this time with two girlfriends of hers.[3]
  • At the second meeting, Leland sees through the door that the other two are Ronette Pulaski and his daughter Laura. He pays Teresa and leaves in a rush. Pierre jumps around the motel courtyard.[3]
  • Teresa calls Jacques Renault and asks him what Ronette and Laura's fathers look like. Later, she calls Leland and warns that she knows who he is, and blackmails him in exchange for her silence.[4]
  • Teresa's left arm goes numb for a period of three days.[3]
  • Teresa loses her ring.[3]

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Teresa Banks murder

Teresa Banks is killed

  • February 9
  • February 10 – Banks' body is found.[3]
  • c. February 11[note 1]
    • Chet Desmond makes an arrest in Fargo, North Dakota. Gordon Cole calls and orders him to fly to Portland to investigate Banks' murder.[3]
    • Cole and Agent Sam Stanley meet Desmond upon arrival. Lil dances for them to brief Desmond on the case. On the drive, Desmond in turn briefs Stanley.[3]
    • At the Deer Meadow Sheriff's Department, Desmond forces his way into Sheriff Cable's office and demands to be shown to Banks' body, which is in their morgue.[3]
    • 4:30 p.m. – Desmond and Stanley conduct an autopsy on Teresa Banks and review her last known activities and effects. They find a printed letter "T" under her left ring fingernail, and notice that her ring has disappeared.[3]
  • The next day –
    • 3:30 a.m. – Desmond and Stanley go to Hap's Diner for dinner and question Irene about Teresa's work history.[3][4]
    • In the morning, the agents visit the Fat Trout Trailer Park to speak to manager Carl Rodd and conduct a search of Banks' unit.[3]
    • An FBI van arrives to take Banks' body back to Portland for further study. Belligerent, Cable refuses to release it to their custody, forcing Desmond to box him for it.[4]
    • After Stanley departs, Desmond returns to the trailer park at dusk, asing Rodd for directions to Deputy Cliff Howard's trailer. Instead, he goes to a seemingly empty trailer and finds Teresa Banks' ring sitting in the dirt beneath it.[3]
  • The following weeks –
    • In Philadelphia, Dale Cooper greets Diane Evans, playing a game with her and correctly spotting a change in her office.[4]
    • Chet Desmond is reported missing in Washington.[3]
    • Dale Cooper questions Sam Stanley at his apartment on Stanley's last interactions with Agent Desmond. Stanley shows him the printed letter "T" card found under Teresa Banks' fingernail.[4]
    • Cooper visits the Fat Trout Trailer Park to question Carl Rodd, the last person known to have seen Agent Desmond. He finds the empty lot where Mrs. Chalfont's trailer used to be and Desmond's car, with "Let's Rock" written on the windshield. Cooper dictates to Diane that the case gives him a strange feeling, and he believes Teresa's killer will strike again soon.[3]

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  1. The dates of the Teresa Banks investigation are not given, but cover two consecutive days, followed by Dale Cooper's visit to Sam Stanley and Carl Rodd at a later date.

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