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The following events took place in 2016: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18]


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The "days" (Day 1, Day 2, etc.) are not necessarily consecutive and may overlap. All of them are prior to September 29.

Unknown dates[]

These events may not be chronological.

Dale Cooper meets the Fireman

Unknown night (Day 1)[]

Unknown date (Day 2)[]

The next day (Day 3)[]

  • Morning – Deputy Hawk, Andy, and Lucy review the Palmer evidence. Lucy suggests that the chocolate bunny she ate from Laura's room is possibly what's missing.[3]
  • NightFrank Truman arrives at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department back from his fishing trip, startling Lucy. He speaks to Maggie Brown about a local student's drug overdose and to Deputy Bobby Briggs about drug mules crossing the border from Canada.[4]
  • In the conference room, Truman confers with Hawk about the Log Lady's message regarding Agent Cooper. Bobby, entering, is stunned to see Laura Palmer's photograph, then recalls that Cooper was the last person to see his father alive.[4]
  • Andy and Lucy's son Wally arrives at the station unexpectedly to pay his respects to Sheriff Truman and grant his parents permission to convert his room into a study.[4]

Unknown dates (after Day 3)[]

  • Frank Truman calls Harry about his medical tests, then has a testy exchange with his wife Doris.[5]
  • Hawk and Andy Brennan continue to review the Laura Palmer case files. Andy says he can't find anything relating to Hawk's heritage.[5]
  • Deputy Hawk discovers a set of pages left in the door of a bathroom stall at the sheriff's station.[6]
  • Doris Truman arrives at the station to angrily confront her husband about failing to fix her father's car.[6]
  • Hawk shows Sheriff Truman the pages from Laura Palmer's diary, which indicate that "the good Cooper" is still trapped in the Black Lodge. Truman calls Will Hayward to ask him what he remembers about the day Cooper returned from the Lodge.[7]

Unknown weekday (Day 4)[]

Richard Horne runs over a young boy

  • Still fuming over Red calling him a "kid," Richard runs a stop sign and hits and kills a young boy. The incident is witnessed by Carl and Miriam. Carl sees a yellow aura float into the sky from the boy's body.[6]
  • Horne leaves his truck in a local farmer's field, attempting to wipe the blood off the front fender.[6]
  • AfternoonAndy Brennan questions the farmer about the truck involved in the hit and run. They agree to meet on Highway 21 at 4:30 that afternoon, but the farmer never appears.[7]
  • NightBing runs into the Double R Diner, loudly asking if anyone has seen Billy, before running off.[7]

Unknown date (before Day 5)[]

  • Johnny Horne is accidentally let out of his room by Mary, and runs through his house before smashing into a wall.[9]

Unknown date (Day 5)[]

Richard Horne visits Sylvia's home

  • Richard Horne shows up at Miriam Sullivan's trailer. She warns him that she told the police about him running over the little boy, and that she sent a letter to the sheriff's department if anything happens to her. Richard breaks in and brutally beats her, then sets her trailer to ignite. Horne calls Chad Broxford and tells him to intercept the letter.[10]
  • Chad talks to Lucy Brennan and then goes outside to retrieve the mail. He succeeds in hiding Miriam's letter and texts Richard that it is done.[10]
  • Horne goes to his grandmother Sylvia's house and assaults her and Johnny, eventually coercing her to give him the combination for her safe. He leaves with thousands of dollars and Sylvia's purse.[10]
  • Sylvia calls Benjamin and furiously tells him what Richard did to her.[10]

Unknown dates (Day 5 or later)[]


c. September 19[]

September 20[]

September 21[]

  • Around this date, Bill Hastings and Ruth Davenport visit the Zone and pass a set of coordinates to "the Major." After they do so, the man floats up saying "Cooper, Cooper," and his head disappears. They are attacked by "people" in the Zone who demand to know the name of Hastings' wife. Davenport and the Major are killed, parts of their bodies appearing in Davenport's apartment, while Hastings awakens at home.[9]
  • On this night, Hasting later claimed he had an evening faculty evaluation meeting. He left at 9:30 p.m. MST and arrived home at 10:20, giving his secretary Betty a ride home.[1]

September 22[]


September 23[]

  • Marjorie Green calls the police to report a smell coming from her neighbor Ruth Davenport's apartment. They find Ruth's severed head and the headless corpse of an older man.[1]
  • Constance Talbot positively identifies the fingerprints found in Ruth Davenport's apartment as belonging to William Hastings, a local high school principal. Hastings is arrested at his home by Detective Dave Macklay.[1]
  • Macklay interrogates Hastings about his movements the past few days, realizing there is a sizable gap the past Thursday around the time Davenport was killed. Don Harrison orders Hastings to be placed in a cell. At Hastings' house, Macklay and Harrison discover a piece of meat in Hastings' trunk.[1]
  • Phyllis furiously confronts Bill in jail about his affair with Ruth, while he responds that he knows about her affair with their lawyer George Bautzer. A woodsman disappears from a nearby cell.[2]
  • NightMr. C waits for Phyllis at her home to congratulate her, then kills her with Bautzer's gun.[2]
  • Mr. C makes plans at a diner with Ray, Darya, and Jack for Ray to obtain a set of coordinates from Hastings' secretary Betty.[2]

September 24 or earlier[]

September 24[]

  • Ray is captured and arrested in Yankton Federal Prison.[2]
  • After rigging Betty's car to explode, Mr. C kills Jack.[2]
TP The Return - Part 2.jpg
  • Mr. C returns to the motel and confronts Darya about her and Ray's plot to have him killed. He kills Darya and then downloads the specifications of the prison where Ray is being held. Cooper then contacts someone he believes is Phillip Jeffries, but the stranger tells him that he will soon be with BOB after Cooper returns to the Black Lodge tomorrow.[2]
  • Cooper asks Chantal Hutchens down the hall to dispose of Darya's body and then meet her along with Hutch at a certain place in the next few days.[2]

September 24September 29[]

September 25[]

  • The real Cooper arrives at a building in the purple sea, where he encounters Naido and witnesses the face of Garland Briggs floating in space. The American girl tells him to exit through the wall outlet before her mother arrives.[3]
  • 2:53 p.m. MST – The doppelganger, struggling to resist being returned to the Lodge, gets in a car crash. He vomits up creamed corn and blood before losing consciousness.[3]
  • In Rancho Rosa, Dougie Jones finishes a tryst with Jade, who goes to shower. Dougie realizes his arm has gone numb and then becomes violently ill. He is pulled into the waiting room, where he is transformed into a gold ball. Mike collects the ball and the ring Dougie wore.[3]
  • Dale exits the Lodge and arrives in the room where Dougie was, in a catatonic state. Jade, taking him for Dougie, struggles to get him dressed out and the door. As they drive out of the neighborhood, Gene and Jake attempt to assassinate him but fail, instead placing a bomb on Dougie's car.[3]
  • Billy and his partner find the evil Cooper's car, and one of them becomes physically ill from exposure to the vomit.[3]
TP The Return - Part 3.jpg
  • Jade drops Cooper off at the Silver Mustang Casino and gives him money to call for help. Wandering through the main floor, Cooper notices strange flickering lights over certain slot machines and begins playing, winning a Mega Jackpot on each attempt. This continues until he has won $425,000.[3]
  • Night – Cooper runs into Dougie's friends Bill and Candy Shaker, who reveal to him where Dougie lives. The casino supervisor Burns, appalled at how much money he has won, gives Cooper his winnings and tells him to come back soon, before sending him home in a limo.[4]
  • At the home in Lancelot Court, Dougie's wife Janey-E storms out and berates Cooper for disappearing on her and missing Sonny Jim's birthday. She softens when she realizes how much money he has won, enough to "pay them back."[4]
  • Over the phone, Lorraine berates Gene and Jake for failing to kill Dougie, then sends a text signal to a device in Buenos Aires.[5]

September 26[]


Cooper's first day at Lucky 7 Insurance

  • Janey-E drives Cooper to work at Lucky 7 Insurance. Lost and confused, he follows Phil Bisby up the conference in exchange for more coffee. During the meeting, Cooper senses that Anthony Sinclair is lying but cannot explain further. In response, Bushnell Mullins gives him a set of files to review at home.[5]
  • At the Silver Mustang Casino, Bradley and Rodney Mitchum discipline Burns for allowing Cooper to win over $425,000 at the slot machines, and tell Warrick to report to them if he ever shows up there again.[5]
  • In Rancho Rosa, a boy goes across the street to examine the device on Dougie Jones' car. A gang of car thieves show up and inadvertently set off the bomb, killing three of them.[5]
  • Authorities clean up at the scene of Dougie's destroyed car, discovering his license plate on the opposite home's roof.[6]
  • While washing Jade's car, an auto detailer finds the Great Northern Hotel key that Cooper dropped. Jade puts it in a nearby mailbox.[5]
  • NightDale Cooper stands in the plaza outside the office, fixated on the statue. Officer Reynaldo eventually finds him and drives him home. Janey-E apologizes for forgetting to pick him up, and says she wants to take him to the doctor.[5][6]
  • Janey-E is furious to find an envelope from Dougie's blackmailers showing him with Jade. When they call, she arranges to pay them off the next day at 12:30. Left alone, Cooper again sees Mike, who begs him to wake up and "don't die." Guided by points of light, he makes strange drawings on Sinclair's insurance forms.[6]

September 27[]

  • Constance Talbot tries to identify the headless corpse via fingerprints and encounters a military block.[4]
  • Duncan Todd sees a red square appear on his computer screen, and sends a contract to Ike "The Spike" Stadtler to kill Lorraine and Dougie Jones.[6]
  • Dale Cooper arrives at work and Bushnell Mullins demands to see him. Initially baffled by the drawings on Cooper's forms, he soon realizes something and thanks Cooper for his assistance.[6]
  • 12:30 p.m. PSTJaney-E Jones pays off Dougie's debt to Jimmy and Tommy, warning them that she never wants to hear from them again.[6]
  • Stadtler assassinates Lorraine by stabbing her with a spike, also killing two of her co-workers.[6]
3.04 Blue Rose.jpg
  • AfternoonGordon Cole, Albert Rosenfield, and Tammy Preston drive from a South Dakota airport to Yankton Federal Prison. They have an eerie conversation with the doppelganger. Afterward, Cole and Rosenfield try to make sense of Cooper's condition, and they agree that they need someone to speak to Cooper to learn more.[4]
  • Evening – Detectives Fusco arrive at Lucky 7 to question Cooper about the car explosion. Janey-E, there to pick him up, answers their questions. As they leave, Stadtler attempts to shoot him in the plaza. Cooper fights him off, tearing off part of his palm. News crews arrive and interview the Joneses and other witnesses.[7]
  • NightTammy Preston reviews Cooper's file and discovers an oddity with his fingerprints.[5]
  • At the Pentagon, Lieutenant Cynthia Knox reports the access attempt for Garland Briggs' fingerprints, and Colonel Davis orders her to fly to Buckhorn to investigate.[5]
  • Mr. C is granted his phone call. He dials a long series of numbers which sets off the prison's alarms, and says "The cow jumped over the moon." This triggers a change in the device in Buenos Aires.[5]
  • Albert Rosenfield visits Max Von's Bar in Philadelphia to find Diane Evans.[6]

September 28[]

  • Morning – Agent Rosenfield reports back to Gordon Cole that he was unable to secure Diane's cooperation. Cole agrees to visit her in person.[7]
  • Cole and Rosenfield visit Diane at her home, finally convincing her to speak with Cooper in prison.[7]
  • Lieutenant Knox arrives in Buckhorn and inspects the headless body matching Major Briggs. She reports the unusual situation to Colonel Davis.[7]
  • Gordon Cole's team and Diane Evans fly to South Dakota. During the plane ride, Preston shows Cole the reversed fingerprint of Cooper's ring finger. Rosenfield produces a photograph of Cooper at a safe house in Rio.[7]

Diane Evans confronts Cooper

  • At the prison, Diane has a harrowing conversation with Cooper. Afterward, she emotionally tells Cole that it is emphatically not the man she once knew.[7]
  • Using powerful blackmail information, Cooper meets with Warden Dwight Murphy and secures his and Ray Monroe's release that night.[7]
  • Detectives Fusco question Bushnell Mullins at the station about the attempted assassination of Dougie Jones the previous day. They realize that Jones' records do not exist prior to 1997. The desk sergeant reports to them that the piece of flesh from the assassins' gun are a match for Ike "The Spike" Stadtler.[9]
  • Mullins tells Cooper to take the rest of the day off, and promises that tomorrow they will start looking into what is going on. Cooper is mesmerized by the American flag across the room, then becomes fixated on a womans' heels and a power outlet.[9]
  • Having found Stadtler's location, the detectives arrest him as he attempts to leave his motel.[9]
  • Dr. Ben performs a checkup on Dale Cooper. Both he and Janey-E are astonished by "Dougie's" weight loss and excellent health.[10]
  • While trying to swat a fly, Candie accidentally hits Rodney Mitchum in the head with a remote control.[10]
  • Night – While watching a news broadcast, the Mitchums learn about Ike The Spike's arrest and recognize Cooper as "Mr. Jackpots" from the casino floor.[10]
  • Duncan Todd calls Anthony Sinclair to his office and says that Sinclair needs to convince the Mitchums that Dougie is the one who denied their insurance payout.[10]
  • Janey-E and Cooper make love, accidentally waking Sonny Jim.[10]

September 28October 1[]

  • NightBenjamin Horne and Beverly Paige try to track down the humming in Ben's office, which started a few days prior. Beverly shows him the key for Room 315 that arrived in the mail, matching Agent Cooper's room.[7]
  • Beverly goes home and has an argument with her husband Tom.[7]
  • On another night, Ben and Beverly try again to find the humming and share a tender moment.[9]
  • Sheriff Truman visits Benjamin to inform him that Richard Horne is wanted for killing the little boy who was run over and for assaulting Miriam Sullivan. Horne agrees to pay for Miriam's medical costs, and gives Frank the Great Northern key to give to Harry as a memento. He reminisces to Beverly about his childhood bicycle.[12]

September 29[]


Cooper's doppelganger is shot

  • Cooper loses the car's tracking devices. Monroe offers to give him the coordinates from Betty in exchange for $500,000. After they pull off the road, Cooper tries to threaten him with a gun from the glove compartment, only to find that Ray set him up. Ray shoots him, but several woodsmen appear, causing Ray to flee. Cooper awakens some time later.[8]
  • Morning – Mr. C walks to a farm where Hutch and Chantal are waiting for him. He orders Hutch and Chantal to kill Murphy in the next few days. He calls Duncan Todd to reiterate the kill order against Dougie Jones and sends a coded text message.[9][9]
  • As they leave for the day, Janey-E tells Cooper that she can't stop thinking about the previous night.[10]
  • En route back to Philadelphia, Gordon Cole reroutes the plane to Buckhorn to see the body Colonel Davis told him about. Murphy calls to tell Cole about Cooper's escape.[9]
  • Sheriff Truman, Hawk, and Bobby Briggs visit Betty Briggs to ask about Garland's last meeting with Cooper. She tells them about his last instruction to her and gives them a metal capsule, saying that he foresaw that they would come for this purpose.[9]
  • 11:13 a.m. MST[10] – At the Buckhorn morgue, Diane Evans receives the coded message from Mr. C.[9]
  • Dave Macklay explains the circumstances of William Hastingss' arrest before Gordon Cole and Albert Rosenfield inspect the body of Major Briggs.[9]
  • Bobby uses the trick his father taught him to open the capsule, which contains a message directing him to go to "Jack Rabbit's Palace" on October 1 and October 2.[9]
  • Agent Preston questions Hastings about his encounter with "the Major." He identifies Briggs as the man he saw.[9]
  • Bushnell Mullins summons Cooper to tell him about the insurance scam they uncovered. He gives him a $30 million check to give to the Mitchums, as their accidental fire claim was legitimate, and says they are sending a car to the office at 5:30.[11]
  • 2:23 p.m. PSTBradley and Rodney Mitchum eat breakfast and discuss their meeting with Jones later that day.[11]

The Mitchums meet Dale Cooper in the desert

  • 5:30 p.m. PST – Bushnell walks Dougie downstairs to the waiting limousine, but Dougie first visits a coffee shop and buys a cherry pie. In the desert, he is saved when Bradley looks inside the box and explains that because of the pie Dougie is not his and Rodney's enemy. They are overjoyed to find the insurance check in his pocket.[11]
  • NightGordon Cole and Tammy Preston laugh to each other watching Albert and Constance Talbot at dinner.[10]
  • While drawing in his hotel room, Cole is interrupted by Rosenfield knocking on the door and experiences a vision of Laura Palmer. Rosenfield tells him about the text message Diane received. Agent Preston arrives and shows them a photograph of Cooper at the glass box loft before the murders with another man.[10]
  • Deputy Hawk shows Sheriff Truman an old map pertaining to Briggs' instructions. Margaret Lanterman calls to warn them about the fire at the location on Blue Pine Mountain.[11]
  • Cooper dines with the Mitchums at Santino's, where the lady slot-addict finds him and thanks him for changing her life. Candie, Mandie, and Sandie arrive after being delayed in traffic.[11]
  • Bobby Briggs visits the Double R Diner and joins Ed Hurley for dinner. Walter Lawford updates Norma Jennings on her diner franchise, suggesting that she may to compromise on her pie ingredients to remain profitable.[13]

September 29September 30[]

Cooper arm wrestles Renzo

September 29October 1[]

September 30[]

  • The FBI agents along with Detective Macklay and William Hastings visit 2240 Sycamore, where Hastings and Ruth Davenport previously entered the zone. Cole sees a tunnel in the sky leading to a staircase where several bearded men stand waiting. He and Albert Rosenfield then find Ruth's headless body, and photograph the coordinates written on her arm. One of the woodsmen approaches Macklay's car, and moments later Hastings' head is caved in.[11]
  • Dale Cooper, Rodney and Bradley Mitchum, and the girls perform a conga line through the Lucky 7 Insurance office and present several gifts to Bushnell Mullins. Horrified, Anthony Sinclair calls Duncan Todd and is told to eliminate Cooper within the next day.[13]
  • The Mitchums deliver a brand new gym set and a convertible to the Jones home.[13]
  • Detectives Fusco match Dougie Jones' prints to an escaped ex-FBI convict in South Dakota and, believing it to be an error, throw the report in the trash. Sinclair meets with Detective Clark and arranges to purchase aconitine with which to poison Jones.[13]
  • Macklay and Agent Preston bring coffee and donuts for Cole, Rosenfield, and Diane. Diane mentions seeing one of the strange homeless men near Macklay's car. Rosenfield shows them the coordinates from Ruth's arm.[11]

The Blue Rose meeting


October 1 or earlier[]

  • Jerry Horne interrupts a meeting between Ben and Beverly Paige to report on his marijuana confections.[1]
  • Jerry calls Ben in a panic, saying that his car is missing and he doesn't know where he is.[7]
  • Jerry has an episode in the woods when his right foot tells him that it is not his foot.[9]
  • Jerry struggles to find cellular reception, and screams, "You can't fool me! I've been here before!"[10]
  • Jerry emerges from the woods into a clearing.[12]

October 1[]


The sheriff's department finds Naido

  • 2:53 p.m. PST – A vortex opens in the sky, transporting Deputy Brennan to a black-and-white room. The Fireman shows him a series of images, and he returns minutes later with a directive to keep the woman safe from somebody who wants her dead.[14]
  • Naido is given clothes and placed in a cell at the station, near Broxford and a drunk.[14]
  • Night – At the Roadhouse, James Hurley and Freddie Sykes get into a barfight with Chuck and Skipper after James tries to say hello to Chuck's wife Renee. Sykes punches both out with his gloved hand, sending them to the emergency room. Hawk and Briggs arrest James and Freddie, locking them in the holding cells with the others.[15]
  • Agent Wilson brings the Jones family into the FBI field office for questioning, only to find they are not the correct Douglas and Jane Jones.[15]
  • Duncan Todd tells Roger to contact Anthony Sinclair, immediately before Chantal Hutchens enters the office and shoots them both. She and Hutch later eat fast food in their car at an industrial park.[15]
  • While watching Sunset Boulevard, Dale Cooper is jolted to hear Gordon Cole's name. Transfixed, he crawls toward a wall outlet and pokes a fork inside, electrocuting himself while Janey-E screams in horror.[15]
  • Dougie is admitted to a nearby hospital, now in a coma.[16]
  • Margaret Lanterman, having grown very weak, calls Hawk to tell him she is dying, and tells him watch for the "one" on Blue Pine Mountain. Hawk bids her goodbye, and assembles the others to break the news that she has passed away.[15]

October 1 or later[]

Ed and Norma reconcile

October 2[]

  • 2:00 a.m. PSTDale Cooper's doppelganger arrives with Richard Horne at a location near Twin Peaks, the coordinates given to him by Ray and Phillip Jeffries. He directs Richard to climb up on a large rock to see what happens at that spot, and Richard disintegrates in a blast of electricity. Jerry Horne witnesses the incident from a nearby hill. Cooper sets a text message to send to Diane Evans once he reacquires service.[16]
  • Cooper's doppelganger drives toward Twin Peaks.[17]
  • Morning – While the other prisoners sleep, Chad Broxford attempts to escape with a hidden key, but the drunk awakens, stopping him.[17]
  • Chantal and Gary Hutchens park outside 25140 Lancelot Court, waiting for Dougie to appear. They watch as agents Randall Headley and Wilson knock at the door, only to receive no answer. Headley leaves for Dougie's office while Wilson parks down the street.[16]
  • Janey-E and Sonny Jim Jones sit by Dale Cooper's hospital bed. Bushnell Mullins and Rodney and Bradley Mitchum arrive to pay respects and bring food, then the Mitchums leave to restock Dougie's home. Bushnell hears that the FBI asked for Dougie at the office.[16]
  • Chantal and Hutch watch curiously as the Mitchums' entourage enters the house. A Polish accountant pulls up and asks them to move their car, and they angrily tell him to leave. The man drives into their van attempting to move it, and a gun battle ensues. Both Hutch and Chantal are killed, while the accountant is arrested by Agent Wilson and his partner.[16]
  • Mullins is lured out of Cooper's room by a ringing tone. Mike appears and Cooper suddenly sits up, fully awake and cognizant. He takes the ring from Mike and gives him a hair so that Mike can manufacture "another one." Janey-E and Sonny Jim return, shocked to find him awake, as Cooper begins checking himself out of the doctor's care. He gives Mullins a message for Gordon Cole if he should call and thanks him for his kindness. He drives the family to the Silver Mustang Casino, arranging to fly on the Mitchums' jet to Spokane.[16]
  • Cooper's text is received by Diane Evans, triggering a subconscious order. She texts him a set of numbers and visits with Gordon Cole, finally revealing what happened to her when Cooper visited her years ago. As she speaks, she grows increasingly terrified, repeating that she isn't herself, then takes out a revolver. Albert Rosenfield and Tammy Preston shoot her, causing her to vanish from the room.[16]
  • Mike tells Diane that she was manufactured, before she disintegrates, leaving a gold seed.[16]
  • The Joneses arrive at the casino. Cooper takes Dougie's family aside and says he has to leave for a while, but that they made his heart so full. Distraught, sensing that he isn't Dougie anymore, thanks him and begs him to come home.[16]
  • In the limousine, Cooper tells the Mitchums about his real identity and his pressing need to get to the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department.[16]
  • Cole briefs Tammy and Albert on Judy and the plan he made years ago with Cooper and Major Briggs. Agent Headley calls to report that Cooper (going by Dougie Jones) was at a Las Vegas hospital but just left. Mullins gives Cole a message: Cooper is heading to the Twin Peaks sheriff's station and the time is 2:53, adding up to ten, the number of completion.[17]
  • The doppelganger arrives at the portal near Jack Rabbit's Palace and disappears. He appears, caged, in mid-air inside the Fireman's theater, where the Fireman and Garland Briggs are waiting. The doppelganger is sent through the tube and appears on the road leading to the sheriff's station.[17]
  • Seeing him, Andy Brennan greets him as Dale Cooper, and happily invites him inside. Cooper greets Lucy and Frank Truman, and joins Frank in his office. Suddenly remembering something, Andy runs downstairs to the holding area.[17]
  • Chad finds a moment to escape, and breaks into the supply locker nearby. He holds Andy at gunpoint, preparing to shoot him, before Freddie punches open his cell door, knocking Chad unconscious. Andy takes Freddie, James Hurley, and Naido upstairs.[17]
  • While they are talking, the real Dale Cooper calls to announce he is minutes away. The doppelganger, sensing suspicion, attempts to shoot Truman, but Lucy appears in the doorway and shoots him first. Hawk runs into the room, stunned, but Frank warns him to stay away from the body.[17]
  • Cooper races into Frank's office, followed by the Mitchums and Andy's group. Everyone watches as several woodsmen appear and work on the dead Cooper, causing BOB to emerge from his chest and float into the air. The orb attacks Cooper, and then engages Freddie, trading blows. Finally, Freddie punches BOB and causes him to shatter, the pieces floating toward the ceiling. Cooper places the gold rind on his double's finger, causing both to disappear.[17]
  • Bobby Briggs and the three FBI agents arrive, greeting Cooper. Cooper tells Bobby that his father foresaw all that has happened today, then asks Sheriff Truman for the Great Northern Hotel key he received in the mail. Suddenly, Naido rushes forward and approaches Cooper, touching her palm to his. Moments later, she is replaced by Diane Evans, who kisses Cooper and says that she remembers "everything." Both of them notice the clock on the wall is trapped at 2:53. Cooper tells everyone assembled that some things will change, and that he hopes to see all of them again. The room falls into darkness, as Cooper and Cole call to one another.[17]
  • Cooper, Cole, and Diane arrive at the unmarked door in the Great Northern's basement, which Cooper unlocks with the key. He tells them not to follow, and promises to see them at the curtain call.[17]
  • Cooper steps through, arriving above a convenience store, where Phillip Gerard leads him down a hallway to the Dutchman's Lodge, and then to Phillip Jeffries. Cooper tells him to find the date February 23, 1989, and Jeffries obliges, saying that "this" is where he can find Judy. As electricity surges, Cooper arrives in the Twin Peaks woods on that night.[17]

October 2 or later[]

October – December[]

  • Garland Briggs' dossier on the Twin Peaks region is recovered from a basement storage locker at Ruth Davenport's apartment complex and submitted to Gordon Cole.[19]
  • Gordon Cole assigns Agent Tamara Preston to investigate the contents of the dossier and determine the identity of its author.[20]
  • Preston conducts a followup investigation on the individuals and events referenced in Briggs' document, compiling records on several key individuals and their activities since the original was written.[19]
  • During the course of her investigation, Preston finds a Twin Peaks Post article on Laura Palmer's disappearance, and realizes that everyone around her no longer remembers her murder. Realizing her own memories are being affected, she quickly books a flight back to Philadelphia.[19]



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  1. No frame of reference exists to place this scene relative to others.
  2. This scene is placed between Bobby's scenes in "Part 9" and "Part 13," which both took place on the same day, September 29.
  3. Per The Final Dossier, this meeting took two weeks before Nadine and Ed's meeting in "Part 15."

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