Andrew Packard was a sprightly and high-spirited man in spite of his old age, and was formerly the owner of the Packard Sawmill.



At the age of 16 in 1927, Packard was a Scout First Class in the Boy Scouts. Near Glastonbury Grove, he spotted a giant person while supervised by scoutmaster Dwayne Milford.[2]

By 1947, he was a scoutmaster and was also involved in several organizations in Twin Peaks, including the Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Optimists Club, Elk Lodge, and Masonic Lodge.[2]

In 1948, Packard took control of the Packard Sawmill.[1]

In 1983, he met Josette Mai Wong at a state-sponsored black-tie "mixer" at the Hong Kong trade center. He brought her to his hometown of Twin Peaks, where she accepted his proposal of marriage.[2]

A boating enthusiast, he named his 1936 Chris-Craft Sportsman "JOSIE." On September 27, 1987, the boat exploded, leaving unidentifiable human remains. Anticipating the attempt on his life by Thomas Eckhardt—who Josie had ties with—Packard managed to escape and go into hiding, with the town believing he had perished.[2]

In March 1989, after listening on a conversation between his sister Catherine and Josie about his apparent death. Andrew entered Catherine's office and commented that everything is going exactly as planned, and a trap had been set for Eckhardt.[3]

Days later, Catherine revealed Andrew to her husband Pete, who was flabbergasted at his survival. Catherine and Andrew explained the latter's survival, as his death was faked due to them foreseeing Eckhardt's plan to murder him.[4]

Pete brought Andrew breakfast a couple of mornings later in the shape of a dog's face, much to his amusement. Catherine, however, was not amused. Pete brought salt and pepper, then left. Josie then arrived and fainted upon seeing Andrew.[5]

He later had a drink with Josie and revealed to her that he has long since forgiven her for his attempted murder, putting all blame on Eckhardt, who he implored her to visit. He exited, saying they would never speak again.[5]

Packard went to the Great Northern Hotel, where he revealed himself to Eckhardt as being alive. He also warned him to be careful around Josie, who subsequently killed Eckhardt and died soon after.[5]

In the following days, Catherine told Andrew about a box left by Eckhardt's assistant, Jones, which appeared to be a sort of puzzle box with an astrological code on it. He informed her that her investors for the Ghostwood Development Project were on board and he pointed to constellations on the box, putting in a sort of combination, revealing a smaller box, which he busted open with a rolling pin. Contained inside was a metallic box.[6]

Andrew and Pete attempted to open the final box the next day but were unsuccessful until Packard angrily shot it with a revolver. Inside it was a safety deposit box key, which Catherine placed in the cake saver.[7]

He took the key from the cake saver later at night and replaced it with another key. Pete then came to bid him goodnight.[8]

Later, he and Pete went to the Twin Peaks Savings and Loan, where clerk Dell Mibbler was shocked upon seeing him alive and well. Mibbler led them to a safety deposit box, past Audrey Horne, who was chained to the vault door out of civil disobedience. Upon opening the box, a bomb planted by Eckhardt was triggered[8], killing Andrew and Pete.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Andrew Packard was played by Irish actor Dan O'Herlihy, who was one of three actors from the 1987 film RoboCop to appear in Twin Peaks, the other two being Ray Wise and Miguel Ferrer.


  • Andrew has the distinction of being the only character in the original series to say the word "shit." However, it was censored by the bomb in order to adhere to television regulations.