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The following events occurred before 1 AD:


c. 1,000,000,000 BC[]

  • The west coast of North America is under water.[1]

c. 200,000,000 BC[]

  • The super-continent Pangaea divides, separating North America from Europe.[1]

c. 100,000,000 BC[]

  • The Okanagan subcontinent collides with North America, resulting in the formation of White Tail Peak and Blue Pine Mountain, as well as the Kootenay Arc in the western part of Twin Peaks.[1]

1,000,000 BC to 500,000 BC[]

  • Washington is under ice a mile thick. The melting ice results in the creation of White Tail Falls and several valleys and gorges near the Pearl Lakes.[1]

c. 25,000 BC[]

  • Ancestors to the Snoqualmie, Umpqua, Methow, Cayuse, Yakima, Spokane, Flathead, and Nez Perce tribes arrive in Washington from Asia.[1]

c. 3,000 BC[]

  • The earliest Sumerian myths of the utukku, including Joudy and Ba'al, date to this time period.[2]

6th century BC[]

  • In modern-day Iraq, Ezekiel witnesses "angelic chariots."[3]


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