Bad Binoculars is the fifth short film of Impressions: A Journey Behind the Scenes of Twin Peaks.

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I have been traveling for seventy days now, searching for the man with the gray elevated hair. Never staying in one place for more than one day. A woman is angry with a man in a sleeveless suit. She tells him of her grief. Again, he speaks words that I do not understand. Does he want her to say the things she says?

David Lynch rehearses Audrey and Charlie's second scene together with Sherilyn Fenn and Clark Middleton. ("Part 13") Several times, Lynch whispers secret directions to Fenn, once right before her line about a "little girl who lived down the lane." When asked about the missing red jacket Audrey put on earlier, Lynch says it doesn't matter, as this scene is happening at a "completely different time."

High above the water, we can see the reflections. A funny little man dressed like an elf comes into view. He has eaten the medicine that he made himself. Why was he not more careful?

At the hilly filming location for Richard Horne's death scene, a production truck drives past Riley Lynch giving the middle finger. David plans the shots of Richard and Mr. C approaching the hilltop with Scott Cameron. Lynch again greets David Patrick Kelly, and explains that since viewers last say Jerry Horne, he has wandered "out and about" very far without seeing people for a very long time. Kelly practices his reaction to his binoculars "killing" someone, refining the "bad binoculars" refrain and spitting on them.

Endless buckets of energy along an iron rail. The strangeness continues to grow, all for the good of those involved. Order must be restored to a chaotic situation. A small piece of flesh looks ripped from her face, but why can she not see?

During filming at the DirtFish Rally School (standing in for the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department), Lynch angrily tells several crew members to clear the conference room for a rehearsal, later telling Peter Deming that they need to limit traffic in and out. He rehearses the scene between Hawk, Andy, and Lucy regarding a box of chocolate bunnies. ("Part 3")

Ruth De Jong shows Lynch photographs of the under-construction convenience store facade. Lynch approves and says their work is "beautiful." Outside, Lynch looks at Naido's facial prosthetic with Debbie Zoller, asking them to add a dark brown-red blood effect to the stitches. Lynch says her makeup in the forest should match what she will have on in the mansion room scenes.

Lynch walks through the scene of Doris Truman shouting down the hallway at Frank. ("Part 6") Candy Clark notices they are being filmed, but Lynch assures her that Jason is a "good guy" working on behind-the-scenes material. He directs several more scenes for the sheriff's department, including Bobby's first appearance and the nighttime case file review. ("Part 4") Robert Forster asks for clarification about Bobby and Laura's relationship and the late Major Briggs. Lynch tells him that Frank probably knew Briggs at one point, while Harry certainly did; a "lot of spokes" come from that hub. Later, Lynch provides Margaret Lanterman's dialogue for her phone conversation with Truman and Deputy Hawk. ("Part 11")

After the end of filming at DirtFish, employee Eugean Thompson shows Lynch an old aerial photograph of the Snoqualmie Valley. Lynch recalls seeing the nearby lumber mill in action when they filmed the pilot. He thanks Eugean for opening the school to the production, and says it's very sad to leave.


Lynch, Sabrina S. Sutherland, and several other crew members laugh upon seeing Jay Aaseng in preliminary prosthetics to play the jail cell drunk. Lynch greets Harry Goaz, Kimmy Robertson, and John Pirruccello for the jail cell scenes, directing each to their initial marks for rehearsal. He then directs Nae Yuuki on Naido's attitude in the jail cell, likening her motions to a "praying mantis."

Following filming on the jail set, Lynch gathers Robertson, Dana Ashbrook and Michael Horse and announces over the megaphone that their "dear friends" Hawk, Lucy, and Bobby have wrapped. All three thank him and the entire crew; Horse says it was an honor to be part of Lynch's creative process. He then jokes that "once we take our land back," he will make sure that everyone in the crew receives a green card.

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  • "Cloud Bags"[1]
  • "Inflated Question"[1]
  • "Zapped"[2]
  • "Late Backe"[2]
  • "Zu Dallas Atmos"[1]
  • "Bli"[2]
  • "Juliju Song"[1]
  • "Crying Long"[2]
  • "NordBanhoff"[2]
  • "Pickled Piper"[1]
  • "Slab Stalks"[2]


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