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For the mental patient, see Betty (Haverford).

Betty was high school principal William Hastings' secretary.


In March 2014, a visitor to Hastings' blog, Adam Z., commented that Betty was "so cool."[2]

Hastings gave Betty a copy of important coordinates, which he and Ruth Davenport had found on behalf of "the Major," a man they had met in an alternate dimension. Dale Cooper's doppelganger was in pursuit of these same coordinates, and he hired Ray Monroe to get them from Betty.[3][1]

After his arrest, Hastings claimed that the previous Thursday night he had driven Betty home from a school staff evaluation meeting, around the time of Ruth Davenport's murder.[4]

By late September 2016, despite his detainment in federal prison, Ray had apparently succeeded in obtaining the coordinates, and attempted to extort Cooper for $500,000 in exchange for the information.[5] Betty was killed in her car by a bomb planted by Cooper and Jack.[4][1]