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Beverly Paige was Benjamin Horne's secretary at the Great Northern Hotel.


After a skunk made its way into the hotel, Beverly met with the owner, Benjamin Horne to discuss a refund for a Mrs. Houseman. Horne decided to give a refund for two nights of her stay rather than the whole week, then dismissed her after introducing her to his loud brother, Jerry.[1]

She later went to see Ben, giving him the key from room 315 which had arrived in the mail. Ben realized that the key belonged to Dale Cooper. Beverly inquired on Cooper, who Ben said was there to investigate the death of Laura Palmer. When Beverly asked who Laura Palmer was, Ben replied that it is a "long story". The two then discussed a humming sound that Beverly had been hearing around the hotel. They briefly flirted while searching for the source of the noise, but were unable to find it.

Beverly later returned home to her ill husband, Tom, who asked where she was. She told him she was busy doing things, refusing to go into more detail. She then accused him of trying to guilt her, saying that she was lucky to have this job and never wanted to go back to work, but did so because he got sick.[2]

Beverly and Ben later investigated the sound again and nearly shared a romantic moment. However, Ben gently refused, which Beverly commended him for.[3]

Ben later informed Beverly that his grandson, Richard, was the perpetrator in a hit-and-run incident and the assault of its key witness Miriam Sullivan. He had her arrange for Miriam's medical expenses to be paid for by him.[4]