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For the South Dakota Highway Patrolman, see Billy (South Dakota).
"You know, when Billy and I go places, he never speaks to me the way you do, Charlie."

Audrey Horne[src]

Billy was Audrey Horne's extramarital lover.


Audrey carried on an affair with Billy while she was married to Charlie, not bothering to keep the relationship a secret.[1] Billy was also involved with Tina.[2]

One day, Billy witnessed Chuck stealing his truck and called the sheriff. The truck was later found without incident.[1]

At the Roadhouse, Tina's daughter Megan told Sophie that Billy had recently jumped over a six-foot fence and run into their kitchen while bleeding profusely, holding his head in the sink before running out again. The episode, lasting about ten seconds in total, was witnessed by Tina and Megan, and possibly Megan's uncle.[2]

The week after the truck incident, Billy went missing. Chuck told Audrey that Tina had been the last person to see him. Audrey had a dream where Billy was bleeding from his nose and mouth.[1]

One night, Bing ran into the Double R Diner, shouting to the patrons and asking if anyone had seen Billy.[3]

Two days after Billy's disappearance, Audrey browbeat Charlie into going to the Roadhouse with her to look for him, even though Billy supposedly hated the place. Charlie called Tina to ask about Billy, but got some disturbing news.[1]