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Blue Pine Mountain was a mountain located on the eastern side of Twin Peaks, Washington.[1] Along with White Tail Peak, it was the namesake of the town.


Somewhere close to Jack Rabbit's Palace on the mountain, there was a portal connected to the Fireman's home. A pit with a golden substance, very much like the black substance outside the entrance to the Black Lodge in Ghostwood National Forest, could be found here.[2][3]

During a trip to Jack Rabbit's Palace, members of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's DepartmentAndy Brennan, Bobby Briggs, Hawk, and Frank Truman– found Naido on the mountain. Andy saw a vortex, or a portal, form in the sky and he was transported to the Fireman, who showed him a series of images before he was transported back to the forest. But now he appeared by Jack Rabbit's Palace where the others were already waiting. Their memory of the event seemed foggy to them.[2]

Margaret Lanterman warned Hawk about something in the area.[4]

The doppelganger of Dale Cooper traveled to the mountain after receiving coordinates from the tulpa of Diane Evans. He vanished and was transported to the Fireman's home, then to the Sheriff's station in Twin Peaks.[3]

After traveling back to February 23, 1989, Agent Cooper brought Laura Palmer to the mountain in an attempt to save her and she subsequently vanished.[3]