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The Bookhouse was a coffee house that served as the headquarters for the Bookhouse Boys.


The building was a one-room schoolhouse until 1918, when Twin Peaks' first official school system was established. After this, it was used as a lending library.[1]

Sheriff Frederick Truman selected the Bookhouse for the Citizens Brigade's meeting place in the 1940s. Because of their regular rendezvous, the group later took on the name of the Bookhouse Boys.[1]

As members of the Bookhouse Boys, Harry S. Truman, Ed Hurley and Hawk began meeting at the Bookhouse in the late 1960s.[2]

In 1984, Laura Palmer and Donna Hayward visited the Bookhouse on a few occasions to meet a group of young Canadian men.[3]

As part of the Bookhouse Boys' investigation into Twin Peaks' drug trade, they held Bernard Renault in the Bookhouse to question him.[2]

Following Josie Packard's death, Harry stayed in the Bookhouse and drunkenly left the establishment in disarray until Dale Cooper managed to calm him.[4] As Harry slept, Miss Jones entered the Bookhouse and attempted to kill him, but he managed to defend himself and arrest her.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The establishment was named Hemingway's in the original script for the pilot episode.