A Bookhouse Boys patch.

The Bookhouse Boys (formerly Citizens Brigade) were a secret society formed to combat the darkness surrounding the town of Twin Peaks.

The members, some of whom belonged to the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, also played a kind of vigilante role against drug dealers, etc.


Following an enlistment surge in the town brought about by a screening of the film 49th Parallel, the Citizens Brigade was formed in the 1940s to defend Twin Peaks prior to the United States' entry into World War II. Among the founders was Sheriff Frederick Truman, whose sons Frank and Harry would succeed him as sheriff and become members of the Bookhouse Boys, by which name the group soon began to be known.[1]


A meeting of the Bookhouse Boys at the Double R Diner.

Like the Freemasons, they had their own secret gesture, a stroke with a finger on the temple They derived their name from their meeting place, the Bookhouse, a building full of books; which contained a bar and cafe, where members could make their own drinks.[2] As of 1984, the Bookhouse was run by "Big" Jake Morrissey.[3] It was largely a wooden structure, with many alcoves, and old furniture. It was said to have been built in the 1940s or 1950s.[2] When Harry S. Truman's partner Josie Packard died, he got drunk and trashed the Bookhouse.[4]

While not initially aware of the existence of the Black and White Lodges, the Bookhouse Boys had long known that there was a kind of evil surrounding the town which caused dark and unusual events to occur. They believed that this might be part of the "price" the town had to pay for all the benefits that came from its comparative seclusion from the modern world.[2]



(from L to R) Hawk, Cooper, James, Harry, Ed

The best-known members of the Bookhouse Boys were:

In a tweet, Mark Frost implied that Carl Rodd was an original member of the Bookhouse Boys,[5] although he would have been no older than five years of age at the time of formation.

The seven members of the starting lineup of the 1968 Twin Peaks High Lumberjacks were all in the Bookhouse Boys.

Lucy Moran bought the books for the organization.