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Colonel Calvin Reilly was a United States Air Force officer assigned to investigate the disappearance of Major Garland Briggs.


The woods where the messages came from

Sheriff Harry S. Truman introduced Reilly to FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, who was with Major Briggs at the time of his disappearance. He asked about wildlife in the area, specifically owls, which Cooper confirmed to have heard. Cooper confirmed to Reilly that he knew about messages found in deep space containing his name and wished to be filled in on the details. The colonel said the messages may have been sent from the woods near Cachuma Lake, but when Cooper asked if this may be related to a White Lodge, Reilly stated that this information was classified. However, he did say that the disappearance of Briggs went beyond national security.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

Episode 19's script states that the colonel is aged 60.

Although they don't correspond to an USAF officer, Reilly has the following ribbons on his rack:

Silver Star Ribbon

Bronze Star Ribbon

with V device

Joint Service Commendation Ribbon

Navy Marine Corps Commendation Ribbon

Navy Marine Corps Achievement Ribbon

Purple Heart Ribbon

with 1 Bronze Oak

Selected Marine Corps Reserve Ribbon Navy Expeditionary Ribbon National Defense Service Medal Ribbon

Vietnam Gallantry Cross Ribbon

with Palm

Defense Distinguished Service Ribbon

Army Occupation Ribbon