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Chantal Hutchens was Hutch's wife and a criminal associate of Cooper, with whom she had an open affair.


After Cooper killed Darya, he requested Chantal to clean up his mess and to be in a certain area along with her husband in a few days.[1]

When Cooper arrived at the meeting place, he was covered in blood. Chantal saw to his condition and after making a phone call to Duncan Todd, he gave her and Hutch orders to kill Warden Dwight Murphy. She sent him off with a kiss (per her husband's instruction) before he left.[2]

Chantal and Hutch waited in a van overlooking Murphy's home. Chantal insisted that she be allowed to torture Murphy before they killed him, but he said they were on a tight schedule. After Murphy arrived, Hutch shot him twice, killing him, and they left for a nearby Wendy's.[3]

On the road to Las Vegas, Chantal and Hutch passed through Utah and had a conversation about Mormons.[4]

After their arrival, Chantal killed Duncan Todd and his assistant, Roger. Later, she and Hutch ate in their van, discussing the practice of killing.[5]

Chantal and Hutch later staked out the home of Dougie Jones, another hit Cooper assigned to them and notably had an identical appearance to their boss. After watching FBI personnel investigate the home and a delivery made to it by the Mitchum brothers, a Polish accountant approached them, complaining that they were in his driveway. Chantal refused to move the van and as the accountant tried moving it with his own vehicle, Chantal opened fire on him. The man returned fire and as they drove away, Chantal and Hutch were shot and killed by him.[6]