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"Traveled home to visit Dad in hopes of picking up my spirits. Found him having lunch with a much younger woman who is a potter and had mud under all her fingernails. Notice that Dad has also begun wearing sandals. It is only a suspicion, but I believe they may be sleeping together."

Dale Cooper[src]

Charlotte was a potter from Philadelphia who was briefly the second wife of Dale Cooper's father.


Dale first met Charlotte on a visit home from Haverford College in November 1973, when he found her and his father having lunch together. She later joined the two for Christmas dinner and cooked a goose. Her present to Dale was a hand-crafted coffee mug in the shape of an eggplant.[1]

Mr. Cooper and Charlotte were wed in Las Vegas in June 1974, with Dale as their best man, the day after they attended a "Nudes on Ice" show. L.B. Johnson presided over the ceremony at a "little red chapel." As a wedding present, Dale gave them two thousand dollars he had won at a casino using a card counting technique.[1]

Charlotte moved into the family home on Hillcrest Avenue, and soon converted Dale's childhood bedroom into her pottery studio. Within three months, Charlotte discovered she was pregnant, but Mr. Cooper learned soon thereafter that he had become sterile. She ran off with a photographer and gave birth to a son the following year, on the same day their divorce was finalized. Regardless, Charlotte said she still intended to name the baby after Mr. Cooper.[1]