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Chuck was Renee's husband.


Billy apparently saw Chuck steal his truck one morning, and called the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. The truck was later found without incident.[1]

The following week, Billy went missing. Chuck told Audrey that Tina had been the last person to see him. Audrey said this to Charlie, but remarked that Chuck was "certifiable" so she wasn't sure it was true. Charlie then told her about the incident with the truck the previous week.[1]

At the Roadhouse one evening, Chuck, Skipper, and their partners were approached by James Hurley, who awkwardly said hello to Renee. Enraged, Chuck told him never to talk to her, and punched James in the face, throwing him to the ground. As they continued to hit him, James' friend Freddie Sykes lightly hit Chuck and Skipper with his gloved hand, severely incapacitating them. Seeing the state they were in, James told the patrons to dial 9-1-1, and profusely apologized to Renee. Both Chuck and Skipper were admitted to intensive care.[2]