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Cliff Howard was a deputy in Deer Meadow, Washington. He was killed by Bobby Briggs during a drug deal. He lived at Fat Trout Trailer Park.


In February 1988, Cliff came out of Sheriff Cable's office and to the lobby of the sheriff's station, where FBI Agents Chester Desmond and Sam Stanley wished to talk to Cable. However, the deputy refused them entry until Desmond became restless and forced his way past Cliff and into the sheriff's office. Cliff followed but was dismissed by Cable.[1]

Later, after Cable refused to hand over Teresa's body to the FBI, he challenged Agent Desmond to a fight and Howard watched with the station's receptionist, shocked to see Cable lose to the FBI agent.[2]

A year later, he was sent to Twin Peaks by Jacques Renault to make a drug deal with Bobby Briggs and Laura Palmer,[1] carrying baby laxative in the place of cocaine.[2] He pulled a gun on Bobby, who then shot him dead.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

An exchange occurs in the shooting script for Fire Walk with Me where Deputy Howard looks into Teresa Banks's trailer as Desmond and Stanley are talking to Carl Rodd. Desmond asks Howard where he was on the night of Banks's murder, but Howard has an alibi. He tries to mock Desmond, only to cowardly back out of the trailer when Desmond advances. It is unknown if this scene was actually filmed, but the fact that Howard lives in the same trailer park that Teresa Banks lived is mentioned in the finished film.[3]