Clinton Sternwood was the judge in Twin Peaks.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Sternwood arrived at the sheriff's station on a day in early March 1989 and greeted Lucy Moran. Noticing something was bothering her, he gave her a hug as Sheriff Harry S. Truman arrived. The judge noted that Harry was having trouble with a woman. Just then, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper arrived and was introduced to Sternwood.[1]

Leland Palmer was brought to him, having been arrested for the murder of Jacques Renault. Sternwood expressed his condolences for the death of Leland's daughter, Laura. He then called for the hearing to be delayed, as prosecutor Daryl Lodwick had yet to arrive. His law clerk, Sid came to retrieve him and they went to the Great Northern Hotel.[1]

The following day at the Roadhouse, which was being used for the courtroom, the judge called Leland's hearing into session. Leland pleaded not guilty. Lodwick proposed on behalf of the state that Leland be denied bail due to the premeditated serious crime under Palmer's unclear state of mind. Sheriff Truman spoke for the defense, which ultimately swayed the judge's decision to free the defendant on bail until his trial.[2]

He later called the hearing on behalf of the now-invalid Leo Johnson - charged with the arson of the Packard Sawmill - into session. After the defense and prosecution spoke, Sternwood decided to have a deliberation and had a drink with Truman and Cooper. After seeing Shelly Johnson, he decided to have Truman tell her that Leo was not fit to stand trial.[2]

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