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A damn fine cup of coffee

Dale Cooper enjoying a cup of coffee

Coffee was a popular hot beverage.


Dale Cooper particularly enjoyed coffee, having his first cup on July 30, 1969 at the Post and Beam restaurant.[1] He would come to prefer his coffee "black as midnight on a moonless night."[2]

Carl Rodd, owner of the Fat Trout Trailer Park, made strong coffee, which he proudly referred to as "Good Morning America." He served some of his coffee to FBI Agents Chester Desmond and Sam Stanley while they investigated the murder of Teresa Banks in February 1988.[3]

Coffee was consumed by many people in the town of Twin Peaks, Washington and its surrounding areas. In 1989, Dale Cooper – by then a Special Agent of the FBI – stayed in Twin Peaks while investigating the murder of Laura Palmer. During his first breakfast at the Great Northern Hotel, he drank a cup of coffee, describing it as, "damn fine."[2] While in Twin Peaks, Cooper also enjoyed coffee made by Lucy Moran[4] and the Double R Diner.[5]

Later, when Cooper was in the Black Lodge, he was given a cup of coffee. He lifted the cup to his lips, then hesitated, and tilted it. Instead of spilling, the coffee stayed solid. He kept tilting it and sometimes it would be liquid and spill, whereas at other times, it would appear solid.[6]

In Las Vegas, the office building that housed Lucky 7 Insurance had a café in the lobby called Szymon's Famous Coffees.[7]