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Constance Talbot was a coroner in Buckhorn, South Dakota.


Talbot investigated the apartment belonging to Ruth Davenport. When Detective Dave Macklay arrived on the scene, they pulled back the bedsheet that supposedly concealed Davenport's body, but it was revealed that her head had been severed and a man's headless body had been placed on the bed.[1]

Upon analysis, the head was verified to belong to Ruth Davenport, but the body remained unidentified. She also analyzed fingerprints at the scene, finding them to belong to William Hastings, principal at the high school her child attended.[1]

After trying to determine the identity of the John Doe, this information was classified, requiring military authorization.[2]

After performing an autopsy on the body, she confirmed to Macklay and Detective Don Harrison that the cause of death was indeed decapitation and also showed them a ring found in the body, inscribed, "To Dougie, with love, Janey-E."[3]

Lieutenant Cynthia Knox of the United States Air Force later came to examine the body of the John Doe.[4] Soon after, the FBI's Deputy Director Gordon Cole and Agents Albert Rosenfield and Tammy Preston came to examine the body, which had been identified as Major Garland Briggs.[5]

That evening, Constance joined Albert for dinner at his hotel.[6]