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Corn was a type of grain and a common dietary staple.


Creamed corn was a corn dish consisting of pulped corn kernels and their residue. Certain spirits collected and consumed garmonbozia (pain and sorrow), a food which resembled or was itself creamed corn.[1]


Corn was cultivated in North America by some Native American tribes. In Nez Perce folklore, it was a symbol of fertility. On a living map owned by Deputy Hawk, black corn stalks represented corruption and death, and when combined with a fire symbol produced "black fire."[2]

Creamed corn

In March 1989, Donna Hayward delivered a Meals on Wheels lunch to the bedridden Mrs. Tremond in Low Town, which included a side of creamed corn. The old woman, disturbed, said she had requested no creamed corn, and asked if Donna saw it on the plate as well. Somehow, the corn disappeared and reappeared in the opened hands of Mrs. Tremond's grandson, sitting across the room, whom Mrs. Tremond said was "studying magic."[3]

In 2016, Dale Cooper's double ate a creamed corn dinner at Bell's Motor Lodge with Ray Monroe, Darya, and Jack.[4]

During the real Cooper's exit from the mansion room, both Cooper's double and Dougie Jones became violently ill, throwing up half-digested corn kernels mixed with a black substance.[5] The double's vomit proved to be hazardous, as exposure resulted in a state trooper being hospitalized; some of it was later collected and sent to a laboratory for testing.[6]

While fighting Freddie Sykes, BOB was thrown through the floor of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, leaving behind a burning crater, its edges covered with blackened creamed corn.[7]



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