Lieutenant Cynthia Knox was a member of the United States military assigned to investigate fingerprints from Major Garland Briggs found in Buckhorn, South Dakota.


After the Air Force received a report of a fingerprint match to Briggs found in South Dakota, Knox reported to USAF Colonel Davis, who assigned her to follow up on the find. However, Davis was doubtful that the lead would uncover much, as it was the sixteenth match since Briggs' reported death in 1989. Nevertheless, he told her that if the match uncovered anything, the FBI was to be contacted.[1]

Upon arrival in Buckhorn, South Dakota, she was shown to a body that the prints were lifted from. However, the corpse was headless and appeared to be in its 40s, despite the fact that Briggs should have been in his 70s.[2]

After Davis reported the findings to the FBI, Knox was met at the Buckhorn Police Department by Deputy Director Gordon Cole, Agent Albert Rosenfield, Agent Tammy Preston, and Diane Evans and showed Cole, Rosenfield, and Preston to the body.[3]

Behind the scenes Edit

Knox was portrayed by Adele René. In the original broadcast version of "Part 5," the credits listed the character's surname as "Cox." This mistake was corrected in the home video release.

Knox wears a Navy dress blue uniform with a Surface Warfare Officer pin but mistakenly for a Navy officer she wears a US pin on her lapel.

She appears to have the following ribbons on her rack:

Navy Marine Corps Commendation Ribbon
Navy Marine Corps Achievement Ribbon Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon (With 1 Bronze Star) Legion of Merit Ribbon
Navy Expeditionary Ribbon National Defense Service Ribbon Armed Forces Expeditionary Ribbon
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Ribbon Global War Terrorism Service Ribbon Humanitarian Service Ribbon
Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (with 3 Bronze Stars) Navy Rifleman Ribbon (With Expert) Navy Pistol Ribbon (with Expert)



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