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Cyril Pons was a journalist and news reporter in the Twin Peaks area.


On September 27, 1987, Pons wrote an article reporting the death of Andrew Packard in an explosion inside his boathouse.[1]

On February 24, 1989, he reported on the discovery of the abandoned train car where Laura Palmer and Ronette Pulaski had been held the previous night.[2]

In early March 1989, Pons reported live on television from the Packard Sawmill the morning after it was burned down.[3]

Later in the month, he penned an article for the Twin Peaks Post on the explosion at the Twin Peaks Savings and Loan that critically injured Audrey Horne and took the lives of Dell Mibbler, Pete Martell, and a third man rumored to be Andrew Packard.[1]

Mark Frost offered a partial biography for Pons in a Q&A:"Cyril's thriving career as a local reporter in the Spokane media market let[sic] to a brief stint as anchorman, tragically derailed when he used the F word during an on-air earthquake and dove under his desk. Downhill from there, as if he [were] riding a luge, all the way to the Fat Trout Trailer Park."[4]

In late 2016, Pons was walking his dog in the woods behind the New Fat Trout Trailer Park when he encountered a gun-wielding Steven Burnett and Gersten Hayward embracing one other beneath a tree. Gersten jumped to her feet, causing a startled Pons to flee the area. He went to the trailer park and informed Carl Rodd about the incident, pointing out the unit where Steven lived.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Pons is a cameo role by Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost, named after Solar Pons, a Sherlock Holmes pastiche character.[6]

Mark Frost cameoed again as a journalist on a TV screen for his self-directed movie Storyville.