"I looked down at her and saw something I missed so much. Such a willingness to forgive. Such a big heart; this one girl could love all of these United States and leave no one feeling lonely."
Laura Palmer[src]

Danielle was a young girl whose cat was run over by Laura Palmer.

On November 12, 1986, Laura was on her way to the Cash and Carry when she picked up an issue of Flesh World of the floor of the truck she was driving. Not paying attention to the road, she ran over Danielle's cat.[1]

Danielle approached the truck and, upon noticing that Laura was crying, tried to cheer her up. Laura told her that when she was Danielle's age, her own cat was hit by a car and the two introduced themselves to each other. Fascinated by the girl's forgiveness, Laura left, deciding against a drug-fueled evening with Leo Johnson and Bobby Briggs.[1]

On October 10, 1988, Laura had a vision of Danielle, who told her that she had been visited by BOB, who claimed to have been sent by Laura.[1]

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