"Of all the people in the world, the best and the worst are drawn to Dead Dog, and most turn away. Only those with the purest of heart can feel its pain. And somewhere in between, the rest of us struggle."
Irene Littlehorse[src]

Dead Dog Farm was a deserted bungalow in Twin Peaks which had become a focus for nefarious activities.


Dead Dog Farm was built in the 1920s. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper learned from realtor Irene Littlehorse that it derives its name from an old saying, which states that a dead dog attracts the attention of both the worst and the best types of people.[2]

While visiting the farm with an eye to buying it, Cooper realized that the house had been used to prepare cocaine for sale.[2] Acting as a sheriff's deputy, he enlisted Sheriff Harry S. Truman and DEA agent Denise Bryson to set up a sting operation using visiting ne'er-do-well Ernie Niles as bait. The plan backfired and Ernie and Bryson were taken hostage by Jean Renault. Cooper exchanged himself for them and suffered a beating at Renault's hands. Bryson, dressed as a waitress from the Double R Diner, rescued Cooper by smuggling him in a gun; Cooper then killed Renault during an ensuing gun battle.[3]



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