Deer Meadow is a town in Washington. FBI Special Agents Chester Desmond and Sam Stanley were sent to the town to investigate the murder of 17-year-old Teresa Banks.


Hap's DinerEdit

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Hap's is a diner in Deer Meadow. Among the employees is a waitress named Irene. Teresa Banks worked here prior to her death.

Fat Trout Trailer ParkEdit

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Fat Trout is a trailer park in Deer Meadow. It is owned by Carl Rodd and it was where Teresa Banks lived prior to her death.

Deer Meadow Sheriff's DepartmentEdit

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The Sheriff's Department is the law enforcement establishment in the town. Cable is the sheriff and under him is Deputy Cliff Howard.

Behind the scenesEdit

Deer Meadow was deliberately made to be a more hostile parallel to the town of Twin Peaks.

Among the similarities between the two towns are:

Deer Meadow Twin Peaks parallel
Teresa Banks Laura Palmer BOB's victim
Cable Harry S. Truman Town's sheriff
Chester Desmond Dale Cooper FBI Agent invesitgating the murder, reverse initials
Sam Stanley Albert Rosenfield FBI forensic agent
Giggling Secretary Lucy Moran Secretary at the Sheriff's department
Irene Norma Jennings Waitress at the diner
French Girl Josie Packard Foreign woman
Old Guy Pete Martell Man with the foreign woman
Carl Rodd Ben Horne Owner of a housing means location
Curious Woman Log Lady Same sweater
Chalfonts Tremonds Impersonated by the same spirit characters

The geography is confusing, perhaps deliberately so; Cooper says in the Pilot that Teresa Banks' body was found "in a town in the Southwest corner of this state", where Twin Peaks is in the northeast corner ("...five miles south of the Canadian border, twelve miles west of the state line"). This is consistent with Chester Desmond flying into Portland, Oregon in Fire Walk with Me. However, The Secret History of Twin Peaks, while affirming that Deer Meadow is in Washington, also says that Deer Meadow is "one county to the west" of Twin Peaks, calling it a "nearby community."

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