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Denver Bob Hobbes was the traveling companion of Wayne Chance.

In 1879, Hobbes and Chance took a map from a man in Yakima, prompting their search for Owl Cave, which purportedly housed a massive amount of gold. However, upon painstakingly entering the cave, all that awaited them was a petroglyph containing symbols they could not decipher. The pair was then attacked by a large owl and they fled the cave. Upon hearing a strange whistling and voices from the cave, they moved their camp away from it.[1]

Hobbes disappeared the following morning, leaving behind all of his belongings, including his Spencer rifle, which Chance noted he never traveled without. Hobbes was never heard from again.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Hobbes is named after a character Mark Frost would role-play as with his friend Charles Haid. The name also appeared in his 1993 novel, The List of Seven.