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The Detectives Fusco, consisting of T. Fusco, D. Fusco, and "Smiley" Fusco, were three investigators with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department assigned to the case of Dougie Jones.


In September 2016, D. was forced to pay $239 to repair a broken taillight on his car.[1]

The detectives visited Lucky 7 Insurance after Dougie Jones' car was found destroyed outside a home in Rancho Rosa. Jones (actually Dale Cooper) was unable to respond to their questions until his wife Janey-E appeared to pick him up from work. Testily, she explained that his car had been missing for several days.[2]

The next morning, the Jones visited the Fuscos' precinct after Ike "The Spike" Stadtler's assassination attempt. The detectives questioned Bushnell Mullins about whether Jones had any known enemies. After he left, T. told the other two that Jones had no records prior to 1997, and D. said he would ask his friend at the Department of Justice to look into him. D. then related his taillight story, causing "Smiley" to giggle and recall "the Australian guy with the pliers." They discussed questioning the Joneses again, but instead D. retrieved Dougies' used coffee mug and placed it into evidence. They were interrupted by the desk sergeant, who reported that the assassins' torn-off palm had been matched to Ike the Spike. The Fuscos assisted in the arrest of Stadtler at his motel.[1]

Ignoring an altercation in another room at the station, D. brought in the fingerprint results for Jones, which determined that escaped from a South Dakota prison two days prior and was a missing FBI agent.[3]