"'The Norwegians are leaving.' And I said it so many times that at the end of the scene someone said to me, 'You now have the most lines of anyone in this entire thing.' Because for some reason David Lynch wanted it to go and go."

Diane Caldwell was an American actress who appeared as Great Northern Hotel concierge Julie Duvic in the pilot episode of Twin Peaks.

Caldwell was born in Philadelphia and ran away from home to New York City at the age of sixteen, befriending the beat poet Allen Ginsberg and the singer Nico among other counter-cultural figures. After the birth of her son, she relocated to Ashland, Oregon, and eventually to Seattle, working as an actress in local commercials and theater productions.

Caldwell was invited to audition for Northwest Passage by casting director Susan Dixon. During her audition, she spoke with David Lynch and apologized for her cold at the time, which devolved into a discussion of "phlegm balls," after which David said he had a role for her. The part of Julie the concierge was written for her; in the original script, a few hotel employees are featured, but none have speaking lines.

As of 2013, she had never seen the Twin Peaks pilot, nor any other episode, until she did so to prepare for an interview with the website Twin Peaks Archive.

In 2003, Caldwell moved to Istanbul, Turkey to teach English. She passed away on March 29, 2018.

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