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Dominick Renault was an early settler in the area that later became Twin Peaks.


Renault was born in 1775 and at some point in the late 18th century or early 19th century, he set off to discover the Northwest Passage. However, he quit this pursuit after a tribe of Indians reportedly laughed in his face.

After a brief career as a stand-up comic in Chilliwack, he went south and sometime around August 10, 1803, he eventually reached Black Lake, where he established a trading post half a mile above White Tail Falls.

Little else is known about Renault, aside from diary fragments that indicate that he believed he had talked to animals during severe episodes of depression.[1]


  • Renault is only mentioned in Twin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town. While not outright stated, Renault is presumably an ancestor of the Renaults that appear throughout the franchise.