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"One one... nine! One one nine!"[src]

The drugged-out mother was a woman living in a foreclosed home in Rancho Rosa, Las Vegas with her son.


While her son watched Gene plant something on the bottom of Dougie Jones's car, the mother sat at a table covered in various drugs, shouting "One one nine!" repeatedly. She then took a pill and washed it down with some whiskey.[1]

Some time later, the mother had fallen asleep in her chair. Her son went across the street to inspect the car, only to get chased back home, first by some gang members, and then by a sudden explosion that killed the gang members. The mother was awakened by the opening door and stared in its direction.[2]

Later, while the police recovered some of the wreckage of the car from the roof of the house, the mother looked up at the ceiling as though reacting to their presence, though she continued to shout "One one nine" in the same tone as before.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The mother was portrayed by Hailey Gates. Gates' scene in "Part 6" was reused footage from "Part 3."

When asked why the woman repeats "one-one-nine," Mark Frost merely stated that "The people who have one foot in the other world have a pronounced tendency to speak backwards."[4]



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