"What the fuck is wrong with you?!"
Chad Broxford[src]

A drunk was incarcerated at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department in October 2016.

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The man had a facial lesion covered with a tied-on napkin and a diseased appearance, bleeding from his mouth. He mimicked the words of those who spoke in his presence, including Andy Brennan and Chad Broxford, who was in the cell across from him. When Naido was placed in the holding area for her protection, he began to imitate her chirping noises. Eventually Chad began chirping as well, before cursing and screaming at them to be quiet.[1] He continued his mimicry into the night.[2] As the drunk seemed to nearly fall asleep, Chad tried to access the key hidden in his sole, but the man awoke at the crucial moment. Chad cursed at him, and the man repeated it back to him.[3]

The next morning, Naido began panicking and the drunk awoke, screaming and clawing at his own face. After Chad's failed escape attempt, Deputy Brennan took all the prisoners in the holding area except for him upstairs.[3]

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