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Duncan Todd was an associate of Cooper's doppelganger.


Todd gave a payment to Roger, and ordered him to tell "her" that she had the job. Roger then asked him why he lets "him" do these things. Duncan answered that he hoped Roger would never become involved with someone like "him" and said to never let someone like that into his life.[1]

Red square on Duncan Todd's screen.jpg

Todd later sat in his office and received a red square on screen of his computer. He then removed an envelope from a safe, which bore on the front a black circle.[2]

Cooper later called him, asking for an update on the assassination of Dougie Jones, which Todd had yet to complete.[3] He summoned Anthony Sinclair, who he assigned to inform Rodney and Bradley Mitchum that Dougie Jones was responsible for denying them an insurance claim for a hotel they owned that burned down. Todd told Sinclair to kill Jones if he failed.[4]

Sinclair phoned Todd when he saw Jones, alive, apparently celebrating with the Mitchum brothers at the insurance agency. Todd informed him that it was most unfortunate and that now Sinclair must carry out the assassination of Dougie Jones.[5]

Todd later told Roger to find where Sinclair was, as he was late on killing Jones. However, both were then promptly killed by Chantal Hutchens.[6]