Eat at Judy's was a diner in Odessa, Texas.

History[edit | edit source]

After crossing, Dale Cooper drove through town and was intrigued to see the diner, which had a white horse kiddie ride outside, and stopped to have a meal there. The restaurant was empty apart from an elderly couple and three cowboys. Cooper ordered coffee from a waitress, Kristi, and asked if another waitress worked there. Kristi, hesitating, confirmed this, and said that the other waitress had taken her third day off in a row.[1]

Cooper noticed the three cowboys verbally harassing and groping Kristi as she passed their booth. When he ordered them to stop, they stood and approached him; the first cowboy pointed a gun at Cooper and ordered him to step out of the booth. He quickly subdued the first cowboy with a punch, shot the second one in the foot and forced the third one to sit down and leave his gun on the floor; he then proceeded to pick up all of his opponents' guns and put them in the restaurant's deep frier, warning the cook and the waitress to stay away from the counter as the heat could set off the bullets. Cooper then asked Kristi to write down the address of her coworker for him. As he left, the cowboys got up, the second one cradling his wounded foot; the first cowboy asked, aghast, "What the fuck just happened?"[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The scenes in Eat at Judy's were filmed at Eat at Rudy's, a restaurant at 558 E. Anaheim St. in Wilmington, California.

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