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Einar Thorson was an Icelandic businessman who invested in Benjamin Horne's Ghostwood project.


In 1989, Einar attended a gathering at the Great Northern Hotel and spoke with Garland Briggs, who told him of his fascination with Iceland.[1]

He later spoke with Pete Martell, who was fascinated that the country of Iceland was above the timberline.[1]

Thorson sang loudly the next day with Ben and Jerry Horne, with a beer in hand. They were then dismissed to the dining room by Jerry.[2]

During a trip to One Eyed Jacks the following day, he agreed to the terms of the business partnership with Benjamin Horne. After Horne finished signing the papers, he left Thorson with two girls at the brothel.[3]

Einar phoned the Horne Corporation after learning that the Packard Sawmill had burned down on the land he invested in.[4]