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"Episode 11", or, "Laura's Secret Diary" is the fourth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks, and the twelfth episode of the series as a whole. It originally aired October 20, 1990.


"Miscommunication sometimes leads to arguments, and arguments sometimes lead to fights. Anger is usually present in arguments and fights. Anger is an emotion, usually classified as a negative emotion. Negative emotions can cause severe problems in our environment and to the health of our body.

Happiness, usually classified as a positive emotion, can bring good health to our body, and spread positive vibrations into our environment. Sometimes when we are ill, we are not on our best behavior. By ill, I mean any of the following: physically ill, emotionally ill, mentally ill, and/or spiritually ill.
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Harry shakes Leland out of a daze and interrogates him about his visit to the hospital. Leland believed that Jacques killed Laura because he had been arrested and confesses that he killed Jacques.

Walking down the hallway, Doctor Hayward tells Cooper that no parent should bury their child and Cooper asks if he approves of Leland's actions. Andy asks Doctor Hayward about his sperm and Hayward gives him a vial to fill. On his way, Andy bumps into Lucy while carrying a copy of Flesh World.

Harry tells Cooper that the judge will arrive that day and reports that the county records show no one by the name of Robertson living in the white house, but they have a current address for the last occupants. Andy drops his sperm vial and when he bends over to pick it up. Cooper asks about his boots, which he bought from the one-armed man.

A hotel employee tells Ben that the travel writer M. T. Wentz will be visiting Twin Peaks, so Ben tells her that he wants hourly updates from registration. Jean waits in Ben's office, then shows the video of the bound Audrey. Jean explains that he is just the messenger and that the business is being run by pickpockets and fools, then he offers his assistance. He explains that he wants Cooper to bring the ransom in cash and tells Ben to expect a call at noon the next day. Ben orders an assistant to find Agent Cooper for him.

Donna picks up a tray from the Double R Diner and Hank compliments her. Norma tells Hank about M. T. Wentz. This news excites Hank, who leaves to pick up flowers, tablecloths, and candles and tells her to ask Big Ed to recommend their diner to any unfamiliar motorists.

Donna and Harold drink white wine and toast to Laura. Harold reads from Laura's diary. Donna suggests they give the diary to the sheriff, but Harold insists that there are no solutions in it and that Laura gave it to him. Harold then says that people from the outside tell him their stories.

Cooper watches Audrey's video in Ben's office. Ben says that Cooper and Audrey had a special relationship, and asks Cooper to deliver the $125k.

Josie returns home with many shopping bags and apologizes for disappearing. Pete informs her that Catherine died in the fire, but although they have yet to find the body, he says they will have the service in a few days.

Emory drags the drugged Audrey into Blackie's office, where Jean waits. She tells him that Emory hit her and Jean tells her that she will be fine as long as she is with Jean. He shoots Emory and hugs the sobbing Audrey.

Andy approaches Lucy, who yells at him about the magazine, so Cooper dismisses Andy and asks Lucy to tell him what has been upsetting her. She explains her history with Andy and Dick, but she has no idea what she wants. After Lucy leaves, Harry says they have been down this road before. Cooper then asks Harry confidentially for a Bookhouse Boy.

A stranger enters the Double R Diner after Norma has tried to make the restaurant seem fancy. When the man goes to the bathroom, Hank steals his wallet.

Maddy and Donna meet in a booth and Donna insists that she is not angry over Maddy's relationship with James and asks for her help retrieving Laura's diary from Harold.

Hank searches the stranger's wallet to find that he is not M.T. Wentz, but District Attorney Daryl Lodwick.

Harry meets Josie at her living room and she shows him a scandalous new dress. She says she left town because she was afraid and rebukes Harry for his suspicions. She has Harry tear her shawl and make love to her. An Asian man watches through the window.

Judge Sternwood enters the stationhouse and gives Lucy a hug. Harry enters, and the judge asks what his lady trouble is. Harry introduces Cooper to the judge and Dick offers Lucy enough cash to get an abortion. Upset by this, she tells him to leave and Andy hears her crying.

The judge talks to Leland and tells him that they will raise a glass together in Valhalla. The prosecutor has not arrived, so Leland will spend the night in jail. Sternwood's beautiful law clerk picks him up to take him to the Winnebago.

Ben greets contestants for a beauty contest and the hotel clerk checks in a mysterious stranger.

Josie introduces the Asian man to Pete as her cousin Jonathan. When Pete leaves, Jonathan tells Josie that her business is almost done, and she is expected back in Hong Kong.

Cooper meets Harry at the roadhouse. Harry says he is the Bookhouse Boy Cooper was expecting.

There is a knock on the diner door. Hank answers, but no one is there. The lights go out, and Jonathan is standing in the middle of the room. He fights Hank and holds his hand as a blood brother. He says next time, he will take Hank's head off, then smashes Hank's flashlight.

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