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Not to be confused with Part 18.

"Episode 18", or, "Masked Ball" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Twin Peaks and the nineteenth episode overall.


"Is life like a game of chess? Are our present moves important for future success? I think so. We paint our future with every present brush stroke.

Painting. Colors. Shapes. Textures. Composition. Repetition of shapes. Contrast. Let nature guide us. Nature is the great teacher. Who is the principal?

Sometimes jokes are welcome. Like the one about the kid who said: 'I enjoyed school. It was just the principal of the thing.

Margaret Lanterman[src]

James speeds down a road on his motorcycle.

Betty Briggs explains to Cooper and Harry that Garland has disappeared before, but the absences were work-related. She says the fact that they were in the woods is significant, and he talks about the woods constantly. She will not divulge whether Garland was trying to contact a woodland spirit, but offers to pass along some notes from his bedside table. Andy reports that he found a matching scarf and ascot for the Milford wedding. Gordon Cole calls Cooper to offer his support. He says that the DEA is sending down a top dog.

Cooper sits before a panel of men, led by Roger. Cooper says he is innocent of any criminal wrongdoing, and confident that he made the right choices. Roger says that he expects a bureau man to defend himself. Cooper says he is looking for moves from beyond the edge of the game board, and talks spiritually. Roger warns him that he might be extradited for drug trafficking and murder. Roger says he may recommend a full psychological workup.

Nadine approaches Donna at lockers and confesses that she feels chemistry with Mike Nelson. Nadine says that Ed acts too old.

James pulls in next to a sports car at a roadhouse. He sits next to a beautiful woman. Her name is Evelyn Marsh, and she asks James to fix her car.

Andy leaves a bouquet for Lucy. Dick visits with a little boy. Andy offers to go with them for a milkshake.

Cooper asks Harry and Hawk about the White Lodge. Hawk says that there are other worlds, and that the White Lodge is where the spirits that rule man and nature reside. He says the Black Lodge is its shadow side, where people go to be purified when they die, and that it will annihilate a person's soul. Denise Bryson arrives, presenting female, and asks to be called by her new name instead of her assigned masculine name. Denise asks to catch up with Cooper, says he'll get started immediately.

Mike Nelson is pumping iron at the school gym. Nadine lifts a 600lb weight. The coach asks Nadine if she's interested in joining the wrestling team.

Josie sleeps in Harry's bed. Harry brings her a glass of water. He tells her she must tell him the truth. She says she used to work for Thomas Eckhardt in Hong Kong. She says she was a child prostitute, and he pulled her off the streets. He mentored her. Andrew Packard was a business partner who married Josie. Eckhardt wants Josie back. She believes he is responsible for Andrew's death. Josie escaped from the airport: she says she would rather die than return to Hong Kong.

Roger reads a paper at the diner. Hank and Ernie return. Norma tells Ernie that Vivian is back in Seattle. Andy, Dick, and little Nicky eat desserts at the counter. Nicky pranks both Dick and Andy.

James tells Evelyn that he thinks he can fix the car. She tells him that she doesn't know where her husband is, that he travels regularly. She offers to let him stay in the room above the garage, that she needs the car fixed before her husband gets home.

Ben watches an old home movie from his childhood, of building the Great Northern Hotel. He carresses the projector screen. Hank finds him in the office. Ben reminds Hank of his recent challenges. Hank tells Ben that he no longer owns One Eyed Jacks, and that Hank no longer works for Ben. Ben rants, drops furniture, and makes shadow monsters with his hands.

Cooper inspects a letter from Windom Earle. It's another chess move and a tape. Cooper listens to the tape and inspects a chess board. Windom says the king must die, and that he will attain his goal at any cost.

Dougie and his bride exchange vows. Dwayne interrupts the ceremony to say that the bride is a gold digger. Harry pulls him out of the ceremony. Cooper meets Bryson at the wedding reception. Bryson has found cocaine in Cooper's car. She says it looks like a frame, but they need some proof. Bryson says that she started presenting female as part of a job, and continued doing so because it felt right. Dwayne complains to Pete about the wedding. Harry tells Cooper he's had to separate Dwayne from Dougie several times. Cooper dances with Audrey and Andy dances with Bryson.

Josie tries to convince Catherine of her good will. Catherine tells Josie to work as her maid, or she will give her up to Eckhardt. Josie agrees and leaves. Andrew Packard enters and reveals that he and Catherine are using Josie as bait for Eckhardt.

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A scene entitled "16mm Period Piece" is a longer version of Ben's home movie of the Great Northern groundbreaking.

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  • The scene shared between Roger Hardy and Norma Jennings appears to be an intentional reunion of their actors: Williams and Lipton's breakout roles were on the ABC series The Mod Squad, which they starred in from 1968 to 1973. It is worth noting that this scene is a rare instance of characters from Twin Peaks' domestic storylines crossing over with the FBI storyline.