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"Episode 2" or "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer" is the third episode of the first season of Twin Peaks. It originally aired April 19, 1990.


"Sometimes ideas, like men, jump up and say, 'Hello!' They introduce themselves, these ideas, with words – are they words? These ideas speak so strangely.

All that we see in this world is based on someone's ideas. Some ideas are destructive, some are constructive. Some ideas can arrive in the form of a dream. I can say it again: Some ideas arrive in the form of a dream.
Margaret Lanterman[src]

The Horne family sits at the dinner table in silence until Jerry enters, returning from his trip to Paris, bringing brie and butter baguettes to share with Ben. After quite enjoying the sandwich, Ben takes Jerry aside to tell him about Laura's murder and the Norwegian businessmen leaving the hotel. He also notes that there is a new girl at One Eyed Jack's, and that one of the brothers was "first in line," so they take a boat to the brothel.

Donna's parents go to bed, leaving her and James alone.

Ben and Jerry arrive at One Eyed Jack's and order drinks. The madame, Blackie O'Reilly, brings out the girls and the Horne brothers toss a coin for the new girl. Ben wins, so Jerry has a drink with Blackie.

James insists to Donna that their relationship is not wrong, believing that they would have still ended up together if Laura had not died, citing that he had feelings for her before.

Cooper returns to his room at the Great Northern and receives a phone call from Deputy Hawk, who informs him that Ronette has recently quit her job at Horne's Department Store and that he saw a one-armed man at the hospital. After he hangs up, Cooper is delivered a note that reads, "Jack with One Eye."

Bobby and Mike go out to the woods to pick up a supply of cocaine from Leo. However, not all of the expected supply is there and Leo is present along with another man. They discuss the money situation, and Leo states his suspicion that Shelly is cheating on him. He tells them to "go out for a pass" and throws the football onto the hood of the car Bobby and Mike took to the woods.

With greasy hands, Ed goes inside his home as Nadine exercises. He accidentally trips on one of her drape runners, upsetting her to the point where she bends her exercise machine.

Cooper has the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department set up a bottle 60 feet and 6 inches away from Lucy. Hawk questions why, but Sheriff Truman does not know.

Shelly turns off her television that is playing Invitation to Love, then there is a knock on her door. She is hesitant to let Bobby inside, as she had clearly been beaten by Leo. However, he gets inside and upon seeing her, he promises that he will kill Leo if he abuses her again.

Ed goes to the Double R Diner and orders a cup of coffee from Norma, telling her about his trouble with Nadine earlier.

Lucy serves the lawmen some coffee and Cooper presented them the "Tibetan method," which entailed him throwing stones at a bottle for each name starting with a 'J.' This narrowed down his suspicion to Leo Johnson and Lawrence Jacoby. He was also informed that the "Jack with One Eye" probably referred to One Eyed Jack's.

Audrey goes to the Double R Diner, where she talks to Donna, revealing the crush she has on Agent Cooper. She also asks if Laura ever spoke of her father, then begins to dance.

Cooper and Truman examine a bloodied rag found near the crime scene as Agent Albert Rosenfield arrives with his team. Immediately, there is friction between Rosenfield and Truman due to the former's dissatisfaction with the small town's investigation abilities.

Ed returns home and an overjoyed Nadine tells him that he had gotten grease on her cotton balls, creating the silent drape runner she had been trying to achieve.

At the Blue Pine Lodge, Pete and Catherine discuss Agent Cooper's presence at their home earlier in the day. When Catherine is briefly away, Pete slips to Josie a key to the safe containing the mill's ledger. Josie gets into the safe and finds that there are two ledger books.

A distressed Leland puts on a record and picks up a photo of Laura. He turns around in circles with it, screaming until Sarah comes in, distressed. She tries to take the picture from him and they end up breaking the frame. Leland smears his blood on the photograph.

Cooper goes to bed and has a dream of the One-Armed Man (who identifies himself as Mike), and a long-haired man called BOB. He then sees older inside a red room where also are a little man and Laura Palmer, who whispers the name of her killer into his ear. He wakes up and calls Sheriff Truman, telling him that he knows who killed Laura Palmer, but that the information could wait until morning.

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  • Created by Mark Frost and David Lynch
  • Music Composed and Conducted by Angelo Badalamenti
  • Produced by Gregg Fienberg
  • Written by Mark Frost and David Lynch
  • Directed by David Lynch
  • Executive Producers
    • Mark Frost
    • David Lynch
  • Associate Producer Phillip Neel
  • Director of Photography Frank Byers
  • Production Designer Richard Hoover
  • Editor Jonathon P. Shaw
  • Original & Series Casting by Johanna Ray, C. S. A.

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    • Director of Photography Ron Garcia
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  • Post Production Sound and Sound Effects provided by TODD-AO/Glen Glenn Studios

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  • Deleted the scene with Jerry doing an indian dance to Audrey to Johnny
  • The script uses "Emerald" as the name of Invitation to Love's Jade