"Episode 26", or, "Variations on Relations" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks, and the twenty-seventh episode of the series as a whole. It originally aired April 11, 1991.


"Pie. Whoever invented the pie? Here was a great person. In Twin Peaks, we specialize in cherry pie and huckleberry pie. We do have many other types of pie, and at the Double R Diner, Norma knows how to make them all better than anyone I have ever known.

I hope Norma likes me. I know I like her and respect her. I have spit my pitch gum out of my mouth onto her walls and floors and sometimes onto her booths. Sometimes I get angry and do things I'm not proud of. I do love Norma's pies. I love pie with coffee.
Margaret Lanterman[src]

The lawmen enter Owl Cave and notice that someone had been there since their last visit and determine that it was Windom Earle. Cooper has Andy draw the petroglyph and Harry call Major Briggs.

Earle tells a story of the Black and White Lodges to Leo and Rusty Tomasky, a youth to whom he promised beer and a party.

Pete makes a poem about Josie as he figures out the next chess move. Catherine requests his help to open the box from Thomas Eckhardt. Pete figures that it is a puzzle box.

Bobby tries to convince Shelly to enter the Miss Twin Peaks Contest, saying that beautiful people have easier lives. Dwayne and Lana have breakfast and Lana tells him she wants to win the contest and requests him to guarantee this. Cooper enters the diner and puts in an order for him and the lawmen, then invites Annie to go on a nature study with him. Shelly then recites the poem given to her, Donna, and Audrey, and Cooper takes the paper copy. Annie serves his order and he leaves.

Cooper has Hawk receive the section of the poem given to Donna, then Leo's arrest report.

Briggs observes Andy drawing the petroglyph on the conference room blackboard, correcting some lines. Cooper requests the assistance of Briggs with the case at hand, asking for information on Earle's activity with Project Blue Book. Briggs agrees on the grounds that the information will prevent future loss of life, and says that he has seen the petroglyph before. Hawk brings Leo's arrest report, matching his handwriting with the poem.

Dick, with his nose bandaged, approaches Ben, wishing to see Audrey to discuss his wine-tasting event, but is directed to the concierge. Ben then says the business will pay medical expenses for Dick's nose.

After constructing a papier-mâché pawn around Rusty, Earle gives Rusty a beer. Earle gets out a crossbow and commands Leo to give him an arrow, which he uses to kill Rusty.

The Miss Twin Peaks Judging and Rules Committee (Will Hayward, Dwayne Milford, and Pete Martell) are addressed by Ben, who wishes to have the year's speeches be on the subject of conservation of the forests. Lana enters the contest, with Shelly, Donna, and Nadine in line. Bobby expresses his worried thoughts about Mike's interest in Nadine. Mike whispers the secret of Nadine's sexual maturity and superhuman strength, which profoundly impresses Bobby.

Harry speaks with Catherine, requesting to know Josie's reasons for the things she did, wishing to understand. Catherine tells him her beliefs that Josie never really showed her true self to anyone. She asks for Harry's help with the puzzle box, but he too is unsure how it opens. Pete enters and drops the box, which opens it, but it is found to contain a smaller puzzle box.

Dale and Annie go on their nature study and talk about their respective troubled pasts. He told her that he could understand her pain and they share a kiss. Windom Earle spies on them, disguised as a fisherman.

Dick hosts a wine-tasting event for the Stop Ghostwood campaign. Lucy and Lana help him pour the wine. Andy displays his knowledge of white wines and sparkling wines and also swallows some of the wine when told to spit.

Gordon tells a "war story" to Shelly at the diner. They have pie with Dale and Annie and he shares a kiss with Shelly before he leaves town, just before Bobby enters, confused with the situation.

Back at the wine tasting, Lana displays her expertise in wine. Lucy becomes offended with Dick's behavior and spits some wine on him.

Cooper has a drink by the Great Northern's fireplace. Jack joins him and they talk about their respective romances. Jack is brought a telegram that makes him decide to check out of the hotel.

At the Haywards, Donna asks her mother about her association with Ben Horne, which she says is because of charities. Donna's parents try to drop the subject.

At the park's gazebo, a wooden box is found, apparently from Windom Earle. It is believed to be a bomb, but when the box is pulled open, the pawn containing Rusty Tomasky is revealed.

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This the last episode with unit publicist Paula K. Shimatsu-U, leaving further episodes with very little official photography.