The following events took place in February 1989:

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Sunday, February 5 Edit

Sunday, February 12 Edit

  • Laura, James, and Donna Hayward have a picnic in the woods. James films the two girls dancing with Laura's video camera.[2]

Thursday, February 16 Edit


Jeffries returns to Buenos Aires

  • Jeffries reappears back at the Palm Deluxe in Buenos Aires, screaming in pain.[3] Shortly afterward, Jeffries disappears once again.[6]
  • Laura Palmer and Donna Hayward walk to school, greeting their respective boyfriends Bobby Briggs and Mike Nelson. Laura takes cocaine in the girls' restroom.[4]
  • 2:30 p.m. PST – Bobby kisses the homecoming display case showing Laura's photograph.[4]
  • Laura and James Hurley have a rendezvous in the school's custodian closet.[4]
  • After school, Laura and Donna spend the afternoon at Donna's house, talking about James and falling in space.[4]
  • At home, Laura realizes BOB has found and removed pages of her diary. In a panic, she drives to Harold Smith's home and leaves the diary in his keeping.[4]
  • At dinner, Leland Palmer instructs Laura and Sarah how to introduce themselves in Norwegian for the business delegation arriving next week. They chant the phrase in unison, before breaking down in laughter.[3]
  • Late at night, Laura sneaks out of the house and meets a trucker friend of Leo Johnson for sex.[3]

Friday, February 17 Edit

Mrs. Tremond and grandson

Mrs. Tremond and Pierre appear

  • At the Double R Diner, Laura Palmer prepares to leave for a Meals on Wheels drive. She is called over to the street by Mrs. Tremond, who gives her a framed picture of a doorway. Pierre whispers to her that "the man behind the mask" is searching for her secret diary. Laura tells Shelly that she can't make the run today, and leaves in a hurry.[4]
  • Shelly tells Norma Jennings about Laura's absence and agrees to make the run for her. Ed and Nadine Hurley come into the diner, but Nadine is upset to see Norma at the counter and stalks out, as Ed apologizes and follows. Norma retires to a booth and starts crying.[3]
  • Laura searches her house and finds BOB crouching behind her dresser. Screaming, she flees the house and hides behind a hedge. She then begins to panic when she sees Leland exit the house and drive away.[4]
Leland harasses Laura

Leland harasses Laura at dinner

  • Laura goes to Donna's house and, sobbing, asks her to reassure her that they're still friends.[4] They spend the afternoon at her house, where Will and Eileen both try to console her.[3]
  • Laura returns home and joins her parents for dinner. Leland, however, berates her for failing to wash her hands before sitting down, and then threatens her to tell him who gave her her locket. Sarah begs him to stop scaring her, and finally he relents.[4]
  • While preparing for bed, Leland breaks down in tears, and goes to Laura's room to apologize for his behavior.[4]
My name is Annie

Annie appears in Laura's bed

  • After falling asleep, Laura finds herself inside the room shown in Mrs. Tremond's picture. She steps through to find Mrs. Tremond and the little boy, before the curtains of the red room appear. She sees a conversation between Dale Cooper and the the arm. The arm extends a gold ring to her, while Cooper warns her not to take it. She seemingly awakens with the ring in her hand, and then sees Annie Blackburn lying next to her. Annie gives her a message about "the good Dale" to write in her diary.[4]

Saturday, February 18 Edit

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Sunday, February 19 Edit

  • At the Timber Falls Motel, Phillip Gerard puts out a circle of candles, chanting, "Fire walk with me."[3]
  • Donna and Laura recover from the previous night at Donna's house, Donna struggling to recall how she made it home. Crying, she hugs Laura, who says she doesn't want Donna to be like her. Leland arrives to take Laura to breakfast.[4]
Road rage

Phillip Gerard shouts at the Palmers

  • On the way, Leland and Laura are pursued by Gerard, who roars past them and pulls up next to Leland, shouting at him about stealing "the corn. Leland guns the engine to drown him out, as Gerard waves a ring at Laura and shouts that "it's" her father. Leland speeds away and pulls up at a mechanic's shop. Laura, emotionally shot, tries to recall where she has seen the man before, then asks her father if he stopped by the house two days before.[4]
  • At night, Laura remembers seeing Gerard's ring on Teresa Banks' finger, and offered to her by a little man in a dream. She asks BOB who he really is. Leland recalls murdering Teresa the previous year.[4]

Monday, February 20 Edit

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Wednesday, February 22 Edit

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Thursday, February 23 Edit

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