The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States.

The service took over the murder investigations of Teresa Banks, Laura Palmer, and Maddy Ferguson.

Notable personnelEdit

  • Special Agent Dale Cooper - assigned to the murder investigations of Laura Palmer and Maddy Ferguson in 1989. He was suspended due to accusations that he was acting outside his jurisdiction, and was allegedly involved in a cocaine trade. He was reinstated after proving his innocence.
  • Diane Evans - Agent Cooper's secretary
  • Agent Albert Rosenfield - forensics expert who assisted Cooper on the Laura Palmer and Maddy Ferguson investigations, in addition to determining the identity of an assailant who shot Cooper.
  • Deputy Director Gordon Cole - previously Regional Bureau Chief who oversaw the murder investigations of Teresa Banks, Laura Palmer, and Maddy Ferguson and the investigation of a mysterious dossier.
  • Special Agent Roger Hardy - assigned to investigate the accusations against Cooper.
  • Special Agent Windom Earle - worked as a liaison for the FBI in Project Blue Book.
  • Special Agent Robin Masters - top agent of Cooper's promotion class
  • Director J. Edgar Hoover
  • Special Agent Aldo Smith
  • Special Agent Bill Raum
  • Special Agent Chester Desmond - assigned to investigate the 1988 murder of Teresa Banks, during which he disappeared without a trace.
  • Agent Gene - Was at a school bus arrest alongside Chet Desmond and two other agents.
  • Forensic specialist Sam Stanley - assisted Desmond in the Teresa Banks investigation. He subsequently was placed on administrative leave following a breakdown.
  • Special Agent Phillip Jeffries - disappeared in Buenos Aires in 1987, then re-emerged in Philadelphia in 1989 only to disappear again without a trace.
  • Special Agent Tamara Preston - assigned by Cole in 2016 to determine the identity of an archivist who compiled a dossier concerning the town of Twin Peaks.
  • Special Agent Frederic Nathan - FBI investigator working with Douglas Milford who interrogated Kenneth Arnold.
  • Special Agent S.W. Reynolds - FBI liaison officer for Project Sign.
  • Chief of Staff Denise Bryson - former DEA undercover agent.
  • Bill Kennedy - Secretary of Denise Bryson.
  • Agent Wilson - Las Vegas- based agent.
  • Special Agent Randall Headley - Las Vegas-based agent

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