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A girl from Los Alamos, New Mexico fell victim to a strange desert creature on the night of August 5, 1956.

The girl visited a diner with a boy from her school on a date. As they walked home, the boy asked if she had liked the song they played, and she replied that she had. As they were walking, the girl spotted a penny lying heads-up, and said it would bring her good luck.[1]

Later, she asked if he was still going out with Mary, and he said that was over, but he wasn't sad about it. She asked if he lived near their school, and explained that she "just knew." At her house, the boy asked if he could give her a kiss, and the girl, awkwardly, accepted, before saying good night and going inside.[1]

The girl was sitting on her bed, contentedly listening to "My Prayer" by the Platters on the radio, when the broadcast was interrupted by a strange voice repeating an incantation. She quickly fell asleep, allowing a frog-like creature that had just hatched out in the desert to crawl into her mouth. The girl swallowed the creature whole, completely unaware.[1]

In Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier, it is strongly implied that the girl is a young Sarah Palmer (then Sarah Novack). Tamara Preston discovers that Sarah, then thirteen, lived nearby and was rushed to the hospital on the same night after losing consciousness, one of several people in the area to experience medical distress.