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Glastonbury Grove is a part of Ghostwood National Forest near Pearl Lakes. It is where an entrance to the Black Lodge is located. It uses the name of the legendary burial place of King Arthur in England.

It has a pool of scorched oil surrounded by twelve sycamore trees in a circle.

Owl Cave map!

The Owl cave's petroglyph

Its location is shown on a petroglyph from the Owl Cave, which also indicates that when Saturn and Jupiter are aligned then the Grove opens to the Black Lodge.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the shooting scripts and The Secret History of Twin Peaks, the spelling is "Glastonbury," whereas Twin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town and the Georgia Coffee commercials use the spelling "Glastonberry."

Glastonbury, England is famous for being one of the most mystical sites in the world. It has connections with King Arthur (the Arthurian legend), Joseph of Arimathea, Glastonbury Tor, The Abbey, the Glastonbury Giants or Zodiac, the intersection of Ley Lines and Earth Energy Lines. Glastonbury is also believed to be the mythical place known in Arthurian Lore as 'The Isle of Avalon'.[1]