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"Actually, now that some time has passed... I like 'the full blossom of the evening.'"[src]

Harriet Hayward was the middle child in Hayward family, an aspiring poet.


According to the pilot episode's original script, Harriet was 13 years old in February 1989.

Harriet sat in her room on February 24, 1989, working on a poem, when her sister, Donna, came in. She asked whether she preferred "the blossom of the evening" or "the full flower of the evening." However, Donna ignored the question and asked her to cover for her when she left through the window, due to a curfew that had been instated due to the murder of Laura Palmer the previous night. She agreed to and Donna borrowed her bike. After her sister left, Harriet decided on "the full blossom of the evening."[1]

When Mike Nelson came to see Donna, Harriet's father came up to her room to see where her sister was. She responded, "Dad, I'm gonna tell it to you and I'm gonna tell it to you straight. See that window?" He said they would deal with the matter later and he left.[1]

Just over a week later, she joined her family and the Palmers to listen to her younger sister, Gersten play piano as Harriet presented a poem she wrote about Laura.[2]

After high school, Harriet studied at the University of Washington and became a pediatrician, settling in the Bellevue area.[3]