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The hatchling

An unidentified creature hatched in the New Mexico desert on August 5, 1956.


The creature, resembling a frog but with insectile wings, six front legs, and a spiked proboscis, broke free of a speckled egg that lay on a sand dune. It wandered through the desert and eventually flew up to the window of a nearby home. Inside, a young girl had just lost consciousness while listening to a radio broadcast that a woodsman had commandeered. As the creature approached her face, the girl opened her mouth, allowing the hatchling to crawl inside and be swallowed.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The concept of the creature originates from a story related by David Lynch in Quinoa, a short film released alongside Inland Empire, and in his Room to Dream autobiography: it involved a "frog-moth" Lynch saw while traveling in eastern Europe. Executive producer Sabrina S. Sutherland referenced the story and described the creature in "Part 8" as a "frogmoth" in a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything.[2] The creature was referred to as such on the set by Lynch[3] and by the visual effects company, BUF.[4]

The creature's back part was based on a drawing by Lynch.[4] Although the drawing is undisclosed, it is quite similar to one of his ballpoint pen drawing.[5]

The creature's egg may be one of the eggs disgorged by the experiment earlier in "Part 8." It is suggested in the transition from 1945 to 1956 that its egg lies on or near the Trinity test site.