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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.

Gary "Hutch" Hutchens was an associate of Cooper and the husband of Chantal Hutchens.

Biography Edit

In September 2016, after being given orders to meet Cooper at a farm, Hutch and Chantal waited for him prior to his late arrival, bloodied and having sustained a gunshot wound. Hutch provided Cooper with a cell phone (which he promptly destroyed following Cooper's orders) and was given an assignment to kill Warden Dwight Murphy.[1]

Hutch and Chantal got an angle on Murphy's home. As Murphy arrived home, Hutch shot him twice with a sniper rifle, killing him.[2]

On their way to Las Vegas, Hutch and Chantal passed through Utah, and they had a conversation about Mormons.[3]

After their arrival, Chantal killed Duncan Todd and his assistant Roger, and the pair had a fast-food dinner in their van, discussing the practice of killing.[4]

Later, Hutch and Chantal staked out the home of Dougie Jones, whom they had been hired to kill. After witnessing FBI personnel arrive at the home and the Mitchum brothers make a delivery to the home, a Polish accountant approached their van, complaining that it was parked in front of his driveway. When Chantal refused to move the van, the accountant began pushing it with his own car until Chantal opened fire at him. The accountant returned fire and as they drove away, he fatally shot Hutch and Chantal.[5]